MG Deathscythe EW Announced


– New type of XXX-G Frame derived from Wing Gundam to be used, which will eventually be shared by the 4 non-transformable Gundam Wing MSs – Gundam Deathscythe, Shenlong Gundam, Gundam Heavyarms and Gundam Sandrock.
– Snap mechanism incorporated for the hand unit to hold the weapon firmly.
– Beam effect part included for the claw deployment of the Buster Shield.
– Beam scythe can be mounted onto the backpack.
– Weapons and accessories: beam scythe, Buster Shield, beam part for Buster Shield.
– 15 runners in total. Comes with marking seal and Gundam Decal (designed by Hajime Katoki-sensei).
– September release, 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax).

So I can safely assume that means the other Wing boys will have their MG treatments as well? One thing I’m confused though… the name says “EW” (which I assume it means Endless Waltz) but it is not the “Deathscythe Hell” and it comes with a Buster Shield so does it mean it will be the Deathscythe in the image above? Then it wouldn’t fit in with the new MG Wing, but the Wing Ver. Ka instead. I think we can safely assume it’ll be the Deathscythe Ver. Ka since it has decals designed by Katoki (hahah red warning labels anyone?). Gotta love the low price point too BUT… I’ll wait for them to add “Hell” in. I need them wings! :D

From Ngee Khiong