HCM Pro Destiny Gundam… and HARO!

Yup. Just like the title stated… I’ve uploaded a gallery and review of my first HCM Pro figure/model, Destiny Gundam!

Next will be a new GFF (new to me at least xD)…

UPDATE: I’ve added a small gallery and VIDEOS for Haro! Gundam 00’s reincarnation of Gundam’s most (annoyingly) cute mascot. I’ll also write up a review with instructions on how to change stuff and provide newer videos later on if I’m not too busy with my GFF and Gunpla ^_^;

P.S The new GFF I just took out is VERY annoying…

New Stuff

Update: I’ve added a gallery page of the GFF Ex-S Gundam and GFF Ex-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha and I’ll be reviewing it later so only the photos are up now.

I received a package from HLJ this week and this was one of the things inside:

I’m in the process of taking pictures and reviewing it right now so expect to hear something about it tomorrow or so ^_^

The other stuff in the package are also HCM-Pro figures… I’ll be looking forward to them ^_^

This is actually my first HCM-Pro. I wanna give it a try to see what everybody is praising it for.

For a very minor (and I mean, VERY minor) update, I’ve put up shots of Fusion Works Gundam StandArt Hi-Nu Gundam and Hyaku Shiki for people to look at.

Also, please let me know what you think of the new theme or if you can suggest another one that’s more fitting for my blog then that’ll be cool :D