GN Arms Type E Kaishi!


Since my camera went out of battery during my MG Impulse photoshoot, guess I’ll launch my next project: HG 1/144 GN Arms Type E = Gundam Exia (Trans-Am Mode). I’ll finish up on Impulse’s review tomorrow for sure though. I’m just getting a bit carried away with it ^^;. Expect a REALLY LARGE gallery. UPDATE: Currently typing up the review right now but I’m going to sleep. I’ll post it up later tonight (it’s almost 3 AM right now). Hope all of you will look forward to it! ^^


It’s funny how Exia only takes up two pages in that huge construction manual and the rest is all for the GN Arms xD. I’m quite amazed at the amount of runners in this model and even more surprised that there’s not a huge abundance of foil stickers. One thing I am disappointed in is that this Trans Am Exia is rather… half-assed. I’ll be doing something about that…