California Food – Day 1

I was thinking of making just one giant epic food post with 100+ photos  but that wouldn’t do some of the food justice and wouldn’t make you as hungry (which is the whole point of this… right?). So here we go…

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Chinese Rice Ball Soup

It’s not CNY here yet but the food and festivities should be starting anytime soon ^^. For such occasions, my mom usually cooks tong yuen, which is a soup that loaded with sticky rice ball (mochi), and other various ingredients such as seaweed, lean pork, shrimp, daikon, mushrooms, dried scallops, green onion, and what have you. Pretty hearty. It can also take on dessert form as well. Never liked this stuff but hey, traditions I supposed.

These rice balls are tasteless and a serious choking hazard. I had my fair share of choking on them when I was little ^^;. How are the festivities coming along with you?