MG Force Impulse- Color Change


The above is the color scheme for my new MG Force Impulse. Personally, I think the red and black goes a lot better with the Force Silhouette since it is the same color. Or maybe I’m just biased toward the color red. Or maybe I’m just not done with another silhouette yet. What do you think? ^^

Here’s the original for comparision:


The former looks better right? :D

Anyway, this post is just a silly teaser of my next coming review…


MG Sword Impulse GET!


Weee… I finally have a MG Sword Impulse xD.

Just realized that even though you can combine the two Excaliburs from the Force Impulse model, the Gundam itself can’t really hold it with two hands because there are no slots for the left hand to plug into (the real MG Sword Impulse has modified Excaliburs where it does have slots).


With the Excaliburs combined, the weight is really punishing on the right arm; the hands can barely hold onto the sword. Not to mention the length is overly long to make any creative pose without support. I was hoping for some aerial poses but the left hand is useless as it can’t even hold onto one sword alone.


So adding another Excalibur from another Force Impulse to the Force Impulse doesn’t really work out. As it stands now, only the MG Sword Impulse can be the Sword Impulse. ^^;

Strikingly Impulsive


Wow. Finally… it’s about time I’ve built and completed my review for the MG Force Impulse Gundam. Do check it out. This is one big review ^^; (140 images… 56k users, you’ve been warned). Hope you all enjoy the photos, it could be quite entertaining xD. Now I know what I really want to do with my second MG Impulse…

While I’m working on the GN Arms, I’ve also mustered enough courage to start on the review of a certain mecha… it’s quite GAR…

Face of Arrogance

EDIT: I am done and starting on the photoshoot right now ^^


Very arrogant looking indeed ^^; Just a quick update on my progress with the MG Impulse. I’m done with the actual Gundam and just have the Force Silhouette and Excalibur to go… plus slapping on the decals and drowning it in top coat.


and shot of completed Impulse:


I apologize for not replying to some of the comments recently. I only have oh so much time to check this blog at home and make an update. I’m just crushed by many errands lately and this holiday week have been taxing on my body; the only thing I can think of doing is sleep.

A little Lightheaded…


Here’s what I’ve completed so far on my MG Impulse. Note to self: Never spray top coat in the bathroom even with the vent on… Whew. I stunk up the whole bathroom with the fume of Mr. Top Coat xD. Thank you all for the advices on the water decal. I continued using them and after spraying the top coat, it made it look like regular decals. I like it!

Final poll for the contest goes up tonight at 12 AM PST (I’ve scheduled it) ^^. I’ll present the finalists first then show the rest the next day so I don’t have a humongous post at once.

MG Gundam Water Slide Decals


First time testing out water transfers on a Gundam model and wondered if it would make any difference in apperance. The biggest thing I hate about the MG Impulse is the set of dry transfer decals that came with it; the decals are among the most boring and uninspiring I’ve ever seen on a MG. I thought the water transfer decals might provide some better/different looking decal designs but unfortunately, the sheet is just water transfer version of the same boring thing… only x2. Ugh. Two negatives doesn’t make a positive in this case.


As you can see… Impulse’s decal set consists of mostly “Z.A.F.T” and random numbers in different sizes in PLAIN TEXT. Wow. The somewhat cooler designs (FAITH symbol and ZAFT logo) are clear stickers. wow. orz.


The water transfers look great at first… until I took a look at an angle where I see its outline which made it look worse than a clear sticker. The best part about water transfers is that it is actually fun to apply them; soak decal in water, slide onto part, and move around in position. It is much easier than dry transfer which you can screw up…and stay screwed. Silly me for not having micro sol… I don’t know what happened but apparently, the decals fell off or something as the decals on the Core Splendor actually disappeared when I got home earlier (and I still can’t find them oddly enough). I was also able to easily rub off the “Shinn Asuka” on the body. Ugh. Maybe some topcoat.

So… what should I do? ditch the water transfer or continue using them?

Also, if anyone have experience with these Gundam decals and know how to apply them properly with just water, please do share your wisdom ^^;

WTF is This?



Can all of you see what I’m seeing here? It’s nothing major but slight details can be huge eyesores to me. I don’t know anyone who’ve built the MG Impulse said anything about it and I’ve just noticed it while detailing the body.  This obviously looks like a molding malfunction than anything else and luckily it wasn’t something that affects fitment. I checked with my second Impulse and it’s like that as well but it’s different than Bandai’s box model. Again, this is nothing major (unless you have OCD)… but just want to point it out (I’ve circled what I’m talking about in the first picture).

New Arrivals!

These came in the mail yesterday…

I was quite shocked that these items alone weighed 3.1kg and costed me 6100 yen in shipping! I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since I paid around $150 for EMS to have ALL of these shipped to me in one box back in December…

And I should be done with whatever I’m hiding by Monday then I’ll be starting on the MG Shin Musha Gundam :)