MG Full Armor Gundam Look-Through

As I wait for better days to come so I can finish topcoating the MG Destiny, I guess it is more time efficient to start on another project than doing nothing. While this is my first time working on more than one project at a time, I’ve seen other modelers who work on 3-5 different models at a time ^^;. I’m not sure if I should really start on this though since I have another model coming later this week and I want to work on that too. I’ve also toyed with the idea of just building as much Gunpla as I can until December then review them all at once but you probably won’t forgive me for that xD.

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GFF Blues

Blue indeed… Just finished the review for the GFF Full Armor Gundam [Blue Version]. Enjoy! ^_^

Okay, next one…

If anyone is wondering, I’m reviewing my GFF backlog in this order:

1. Perfect Gundam

2. Gundam MK III

3. Gundam GP03S w/ Weapon System

4. Deep Striker

I plan to finish reviewing all of my GFF by the end of this month before I go back to MG reviews ^^;