GFF Metal Composite RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

It’s been forever since my last GFF review so here is one now, review of the GFFMC RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka ^^. I apologize for the rather dark photos this time around. I changed the lighting around and didn’t adjust the camera properly until about halfway through. Do check out some of the photos in full resolution though since I uploaded them in a higher-than-usual resolution this time around ^^; (not to mention the photos will look clearer too). Enjoy!

Now on to the next project…

Presents have Arrived…

A quick pic of what I picked up from HLJ during their free shipping promo. This is like the fastest HLJ have ever gotten a shipment to me (processed and shipped over the weekend) so color me amazed o_O. GFF = ~$55. Lancelot RCV = ~$20. Cherudim GNHW/R = ~$20.

I’ve always wanted this GFF to replace my silly MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka…

Oh man… the figure/model is sooo gorgeous in person… and damn is it heavy o_o. It’s like the MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka that I’ve never built! ToT

Expecting another shipment from somewhere else soon…



GFF Wing Gundam Early Type


Remember when this blog used to be a “home look” on Gunplas AND GFF? It seems like the GFF section is need of some maintenance and blog love and sooo… here’s a much needed complete re-review (with all-new photos) of the GFF Wing Gundam Early Type (Ver. Ka). This is also a great way to introduce it to those who never knew such a page/section ever existed on this blog. Eventually, I’ll start doing re-reviews (mainly taking new photos) of other GFF and older models too so their pages are a little more uniform with my current review format with the more recent models. I also owe you the following: HG 1/144 Seravee review, MG Acguy review, and Turn A battle. Depending on my free time, I’ll either work on Seravee or the battle photoshoot first…

Man of Destiny

Not “Men of Destiny” since there’s only one… but anyway, I’ve posted up my review for the GFF Gundam GP03S & Weapon System. About freakin’ time I review this thing… considering I got it when it first came out (LOLOL over a year ago). As impressive as it looks, this thing will be collecting dust thanks to it sitting outside because the long barrel made it impossible to fit in a DETOLF.

One last GFF to go…

*sigh* I’m tired… work and studies are being shoved down my throat as winter slowly, slowly crawls nearer. I might slow down on my blogging and sleep more… which means slowing down on my reviews >_<;.

Totally random: Premium gas at Chevron just went down to $3.09! **** YEAH! :D

Full Armor MK III

More Full Armor GFF goodness today with the review of the GFF Full Armor Gundam Mk III. Definitely one of the best looking Full Armor Gundams out there ^^. Wish my camera have better white balance so I can actually change the tone better…

Currently figuring out how to last my last two days as a “teenager” ^^;. Hmm… having everyone calling me “grown up” is beginning to get to me just a little but that’s okay because being young at heart is all that matters!

On the other side of hobbies…Been trying to set up a time to install my Euro R stuff on my car but first need to find the right hardware (screws, clips and nuts) and the right weather (70+ degrees). I was thinking of waiting until next spring since winter is around the corner but I’m not THAT patient… especially after waiting over half a year for the parts to arrive already. It’s also time I start planning (saving up) for mods I want to do next year- mainly an exhaust manifold. Most likely Mugen or FEEL’S if I start RIGHT NOW since it’ll cost one shiny penny.

Currently reviewing Alt-chan and will have it up hopefully by tomorrow… or Sunday if I’m gone all day tomorrow.

Not-So-Perfect Gundam

This would be the Perfect Gundam but unforunately… it’s a GFF :). Completed my reiview for the GFF PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam today. Just three more GFF to go!… but I caught a cold yesterday so I’m trying to rest up as much as I can for now. Though I don’t mind the stuffed and runny nose, the sore throat, coughs, and sneezing… the part that gets me the worst is I CAN’T TASTE ANYTHING! Ugh…

But anyway, this came in the mail this morning :)

I’ll let you all know what’s inside when I come home ^^;

GFF Blues

Blue indeed… Just finished the review for the GFF Full Armor Gundam [Blue Version]. Enjoy! ^_^

Okay, next one…

If anyone is wondering, I’m reviewing my GFF backlog in this order:

1. Perfect Gundam

2. Gundam MK III

3. Gundam GP03S w/ Weapon System

4. Deep Striker

I plan to finish reviewing all of my GFF by the end of this month before I go back to MG reviews ^^;