GP03S WISP: Core Fighter


Those in the know about 0083 will probably go “wtf? Why is there a core fighter?” in the GP03S ^^;.  The original design of the GP03S has the core block system but the idea was scrapped because…hey, if something can overpower the GP03D, then the Gp03S should scram out of the battlefield ASAP ^^;. So it makes sense. Yea. That’s all I have done so far. Core fighter, arms, and legs. I thought I could probably finish this model without making WISP posts. Guess not ^^;. Glad how easy this model is compared to Sinanju is though. Will definitely be done before the end of the month.

Looking back at december, I seriously have no idea how I was able to find something to post everyday… well, more to come later ^^.

Man of Destiny

Not “Men of Destiny” since there’s only one… but anyway, I’ve posted up my review for the GFF Gundam GP03S & Weapon System. About freakin’ time I review this thing… considering I got it when it first came out (LOLOL over a year ago). As impressive as it looks, this thing will be collecting dust thanks to it sitting outside because the long barrel made it impossible to fit in a DETOLF.

One last GFF to go…

*sigh* I’m tired… work and studies are being shoved down my throat as winter slowly, slowly crawls nearer. I might slow down on my blogging and sleep more… which means slowing down on my reviews >_<;.

Totally random: Premium gas at Chevron just went down to $3.09! **** YEAH! :D