Gunpla Inochi Year 3

I am very late on this. Like almost four months late… but I’ll still talk about it anyway just because. So yea… I’ve been writing on this blog for three years already. Three years. I never would’ve thought this blog would lasted this long but here I am… going on to my fourth. Of course, I owe it to every one of you for regularly (be it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) coming here. As always, I thank you for the support this whole time. Really, I mean it. Thank you.

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Gunpla Chat 09

Compared to its HG boxart and other MG boxarts such as the 00 Raiser, Epyon, and DSH, the 7Sword boxart looks… disappointly mundane. Kinda unexciting. Unfitting. But of course, the boxart can be the most boring thing in the world and it wouldn’t matter because we all know just how awesome 7S is, right? ^^.

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HG Sergei’s Tieren Review

Now that the series of food posts are done with, let’s go right back into Gunpla. I am finally getting back the hang of building and reviewing gunpla, shaking off most of the rust so things should start picking up shortly again. It’s not much but here’s a good start- A review for the HG 1/144 Sergei’s Tieren Taozi (All Region Type), complete with an omake. Enjoy! :)

My next project should be real good I hope…

Gunpla Chat 06- Seven Sword Edition

This post will only be about one topic because nothing else matters at the moment ^^;. Announced for September! MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G! G… Meaning it will come with the rather awesome GN Sword II Blaster (it is not shown but the text in the upper left corner said it will be included). My excitement is only lessened a bit by the fact that I have been expecting it since MG 00 Raiser’s announcement. Just didn’t expect that it would follow the 00 Raiser so soon… only three months after its release! Here my thoughts:

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Hobby Japan March Issue Get

Picked it up for the GN Sword IV stickers to complete the set… well, I’m still missing the 1/144 Quant but that can wait ^^;. These kind of magazines also contains a wealth of modeling tips and tricks that I can pick up on to try on and hopefully make it a “natural” process for me… though it seems highly unlikely at the moment ^^;.

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