WISP 3: Weathering


I know… You can’t really notice anything… but it is there. I weathered the head, shoulders, and the body. Was trying to give it that normal dirty look but find it quite difficult because it conflicts with my “clean model” mentality ^^;


I tried going for the GFF kinda of weathered look on the black parts. If you have a GFF, you probably sometimes noticed some brown here and there on some areas.


Swear it doesn’t need to be shown so up close to be seen and it’s a lot dirtier than it looks ^^;. It sure adds a bit of depth to the model if done properly though.  Experiment neither fail nor a success so far… seeing how I could still have that “clean” look without doing any more.

Now to answer this before anyone ask: I’m using Mr. Hobby Weathering Pastel.

Back to UC

I’m sure all of you already had a clue that this Master Grade would be next so no surprises here. Originally, I was going to build this immediately after the RX-78-2 2.0 but you know… I was a bit impulsive :). Going from the runners and the manual, this model doesn’t seem to be as much of a breeze as I thought it would be (like how I thought the RX-78-2 2.0 was a breeze… must be a 2.0 thing).


In typical UC fashion, its the return of mesh cables! Oh how I hated those and making sure they don’t slip out after the parts are assembled. Hooray for minimal foil stickers! The biggest one is the yellow bits on the shield…. seriously, Bandai? Of all things, you couldn’t have molded those two yellow bits for the shield?


Be happy with the proportions we get for models today. Fat MK II is fat o_o.