New Blog Layout

Alright… as I have said in my earlier post, this site could definitely benefit from some refreshing. And this is the new look. I must say I am quite fond of this new theme as it allows me to display my highlight photos larger than the previous long-running one that I have been using (or left on) which you will see when I post my reviews.

Speaking of reviews, I have not looked at ANY gunpla reviews the past few years. None. I am barely even caught up with model releases (“WOAH! MG GUNDAM DOUBLE X!”). Are personal blogs even popular anymore? I ran through my blogroll and was dismay that many stopped around the same time I did or the year after. Very few people soldiered on and I salute them for their dedication and effort. As such, I have removed the links from my blogroll. Heh… it’s not like this blog is currently sending any traffic anywhere anyway. At the very least, it cleans this place up a bit. Of course, if you are still blogging and want to exchange links then please feel free to drop me a line.

Now for my first project since 2012… a HG Panda’gguy. Hey, I am taking it easy ^^;. Heh… so this is what Bandai is up to these days. Interesting…

Expect a review in a day or so.

Back to Gunpla

*looks around the place… brushes off some dust* Well… this place has certainly aged well (not). I can’t believe that I’ve been gone for over four (4!!!!) years but it’s time to get back into the game – Gunpla reviews! Now I haven’t even touched a gunpla, let alone build one, during those missing years so there is definitely some rust I need to polish off. The same goes for photography. And many other things. Damn… there sure is a lot to catch up on. Hopefully I can find my groove again before long.

First off, this site will need some layout refresh. Looking at it now, it’s like “dayummm… this place looks so dated!” so I’ll be changing stuff around here and there to clean this place up a little. Do note that while this place will still be called “Gunpla Inochi”, I have sadly lost my domain and have reverted back to the freebie Oh well. It’s not the name but the contents here that define this place!

Now for the burning question that nobody is asking… “WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME, Z?!!” *ahem*… To put it shortly for now, I had a serious case of “life happened” and fell off the face of the Earth after hitting rock bottom. I know it’s not exactly a proper answer after being MIA for so long but I also don’t want to immediately drop a wall of text here on Day 1. I will dive deeper into this later through separate posts but for the moment, let’s put this subject aside for more important matters at hand… like Gundams.

I don’t know how long I can do this again but this Gunpla passion of mine is still burning red, and as you can see, at least my arsenal is prepared so… time for some Gunpla!

HAPPY 2017!


Cracked Paint

Maybe I should have double checked my paint chemistry or something before working on this and I wouldn’t have run into this problem. But what’s done is done; I was gonna topcoat the Kshatriya a few days ago until I noticed the black paint on the trims are cracking. I wonder if this is due to the type of paint in the Gundam paint marker mixing on acrylic (the white paint)? Now I need to come up with a solution where I can fix this without starting over or ruining the look too much. The parts look like shit now. blah.

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2-in-1 Review: HG Stark Jegan and Jegan ECOAS

I need to expedite my reviews since I am already taking too long so here’s a first: Double review! HG 1/44 Stark Jegan and the HG 1/144 Jegan ECOAS Type!

But please forgive me if the review is a bit confusing to follow since I didn’t know the best way to mix the reviews together. Hope it is not too bad though ^^;. Enjoy!

Gunpla Future Projects Update

Okay… let’s admit. Be it called Future Projects, backlog or whatever, it’s still a stash of models that need to be worked on eventually. Just wanted to make a quick post that I’ve updated the future projects page with everything that I plan to eventually work on. Things that have been in hiding up till now are also revealed. Now everything is going to be boring since there are no more secrets/mysteries/surprises on this blog anymore… or is there? ;)

See anything of interest on the page that you would like me to bump up the priority for reviewing? :)