MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise Review

Well, looks like it is a miracle on this blog afterall. In just a week, I’ve managed to start and finish the MG Astray Blue Frame, complete with its review all up (that alone would usually take me 1-3 days). The usual end-of-review bonus is a bit uncoordinated and sloppy this time around as I was shooting the photos between 1-4 AM (I had a hard time figuring out what was going on when I was uploading the photos). Hope it is still understandable ^^;. I think I can do this more often (pump out more reviews) if I don’t always take an 8 hour break for every 15 minutes I work on a project… haha just kidding. Anyway, here’s the review and hope you have fun scrolling. Thanks for looking =)

Astray Blue Frame Straight Assemble

I was gone over the weekend so didn’t get to work on the model till today and thought I wrap things up. Here it is in its bare plastic glory! I can say it is already many times better than its regular 1/100 counterpart. Will begin working on the details and stuff soon enough… and of course, top coat it. It’ll be a miracle on this blog if I can pump out the review by the end of this week… ^^;

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Time to Go Astray

Beginning with the Blue Frame first. I just started on it last night and man, I can’t believe all the little gritty details I have to ink in o_o. If I do the panel line for one part, then I have to do it everywhere otherwise it looks half-assed. I’m just glad I got the damn hands out of the way at least; I remember how much it sucked to paint the 1/100 Red Frame’s hands. I di d a crappy job on it but oh well >_>.

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The Swords have Arrived…

With finals being just around the corner and last minute assignments due, I won’t have the time to work on anything until Spring break. Heck, I’m not even done with the Unicorn head display yet haha! All the parts are still a mess on the floor. Anyway… A rather unsurprising loot came a few days ago and I only took a glance over one of them…

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February- Month of the Swords

Bring in the swords! February is gonna be an awesome Gunpla month. You know it and I know it! The MG Astray Red Frame is looking more and more gorgeous with each new scan! The above seems to be a straight build and from what I can tell/speculate, the Gerbera Straight will have gold parts (not exactly plated it seems… just shiny gold?) so no need to paint! Actually… I probably will just for the sake of using my own gold. I’m going to hate painting the fingers again though…

YES! Another sword model! I don’t like the 00 but swords are always welcome so I might pick him up and scrap the so-far-a-disappointment new MG Unicorn model. However… I won’t doubt that there will be quite some weight issue with this model after some play though. I don’t believe that GN drive can actually support the weight of that Buster Sword so well after a short while…

Not in February but worth a mention. The new MG Unicorn seems to be a recoloring troll so far but I can patiently wait to see if it has anything more special than an open v-fin and a different shade of white… okay, so it even has better articulation too >_>. But we’ll see…

Images from Ngee Khiong ^^

MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai

It seems like someone from Bandai had dropped by this blog at one point in time and read my 1/100 Red Frame review and probably thought my lame “kitbash” was a great idea for a MG treatment ^^;.

Or maybe it’s purely coincidental. The world may never know. Whatever the case is… two gerbera straight AND Tactical Arms? SOLD!

… I would’ve much appreciate a 1/100 150 meter Gerbera Straight though. It would only be about 5 feet long…

Image taken from Ngee Khiong

Perfect Grade Gundam Astray


OMG… OMG… OMG!!! PERFECT GRADE RED FRAME! BANDAI!! YOU FINALLY DID IT!!! ^O^ YOU FINALLY FREAKIN’ DID IT!!… *ahem* So anyway, it’ll be based on the PG Strike frame and will be released in March ’09. This is already on my pre-order list. I can already imagine the 1/60 Gerbera Straight and all the poses it can pull off. Sweet!

And with that, I’m officially broke for 2009 already… orz