MG Destiny Gundam EBM Review!

Alright… now that the jokes are over with, here’s something that can hopefully make up for the long absence which I will talk about in another post. My first Master Grade review in… *drum roll* OVER HALF A YEAR!

This is a complete review, straight with a two-part omake! 250+ photos so take your time! Here it is- MG Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode!

I have a lot of catching up to do on other blogs so I’ll be coming around to say hi sooner or later. I thank you all for waiting this whole time and I truly appreciate you all for sticking around! THANK YOU!

Final Gundam Astray Battle!

Here it is! The decisive battle! The final showdown of the Astray Gundams! The grand finale of the Astray Omake Trilogy! This goes down as the longest fight in the history of Gunpla Inochi! It even takes up a page of its own (under MG)! Enough talk! Here it is! The featured presentation- GUNDAM: ASTRAY VS. ASTRAY FINAL!

Alright… I wanted published this like… ten hours ago but complications came up. My wireless keyboard decides to not work on me after changing the battery, internet was lagging like crazy (this blog too…), trying to write this up on the MBP was extremely excruciating… and I caught a cold =.=. sore throat, headache, chest pain, coughs, runny nose, all the works… *sneezes* sigh… I’m really tired… I’ll get to the comments tomorrow… Goodnight.

Hope you enjoy the omake!

MG Strike Freedom Review UP!

It’s about time I’m done reviewing this! The model took a bit more effort than I had anticipated and other things popped up so I had to delay things a bit. Well… with this, that makes four MG review in less than a month’s time starting with the MG Red Frame :D. Hopefully, this makes up a bit for the three-month dead period during the summer. This is my last review for the month though; had I finished Strike Freedom last weekend, then I might have worked on one more. School starts next week so I’m just going to take this time to chill, have a few drinks with friends, and study Japanese a bit ahead of time. This also means my WIFP days are over and it’s time to go back to the WISP.

Anyway, here it is… MG Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode :). The review is actually “incomplete” since I’m still adding comments here and there (so don’t read anything yet) but all the photos have been uploaded… and that’s what really matters right? So yea… I’m not reading/replying to comments yet since I’m probably still working on the review. Hope you enjoy the review! ^^

UPDATE: The review is completely done! Still going over some of the fine details but I think it’s safe to read now ^^.