Last Kshatriya WISP

Yay… finally got around to the last part of the model (haven’t assembled it yet; still cleaning the pieces). Sadly, it is also the most repetitive. Made even more annoying in that most of the parts are round. Terribly draining to clean the nubs off.  Oh well… at least I can say I am almost finally done with this beast…

The rest of the parts. Arghhh… Those nubs on curves and grooves! With this done, I just gotta finish the sleeves then topcoat. I hope to finish this and roll out its review the same week as the Stark Jegan’s… whenever that may be ^^;. Until then… continue to work on more Gunpla. Like my first MG Gundam in awhile.

WISP: HG 1/144 Kshatriya Main Unit

I am really taking my sweet time with this kit so progress is really slow but that is always better than rushing; I don’t want to make any silly mistakes or burn myself out already (damn, I need to increase my Gunpla stamina…). If you need more proof that the HG Kshatriya is actually an MG in disguise, then the arms and legs should be convincing.

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SD FA Unicorn Gundam

Forget about the MG FA Unicorn. Check out the SD version done by none other than the Gunpla master Keita himself. His works are always so motivating and inspiring to look at. Such an awesome modeler. Have a look for yourself here.

NOTICE: Deadline for the contest has been extended until Tuesday night (10/4) when I get home from school… so around 9:30 PM PST.

MG ReZEL Review

No matter how dead this place might become, there will always be reviews here ^^;. I actually finished the ReZEL months ago but left it in review hell due to papers piling up endlessly. The review is shorter this time since I didn’t make an omake and didn’t take as many photos as before but it should still be sufficient. Here it is- MG RGZ-95C ReZEL Commander Type!


MG ReZEL Completed… Almost

You know, for some odd reason… whenever I skip a day of blogging, I develop this lazy tendency to not blog for a longggg time. I’m not even sick of blogging, but I just become soooo lazy to post anything even though I have a lot to talk about @_@. Well, I’ve just finished all my essay midterms last week so the last thing on my mind was to type more (blogging) and then I unwind myself of the stress- one of my Japanese friends turned 21 so we took him to “places” that he wasn’t allowed in before that age. No need to go into further details. Anyway…

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