Re-Review: MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. My computer crapped out on me but I’ve finally fixed it. The ice from the snow storm hasn’t thawed yet and the temp is still below freezing outside so I am unable to finish any models. However! I did have the time to reshoot and did a revival review (re-review) of an old kit that I’ve built some 8 years or so ago. It’s about time that I gave it a proper updated photoshoot.

Check it out – MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

I want to do more of these re-reviews in the future, alternating between them and new models. This way I can eventually update all the older Gundam model galleries with better photos in line with my current format and thus, have better reviews of them.

Revival: MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Since it is frozen outside, I won’t be able to complete my HG Destiny Gundam. So instead of sitting around, I’ll just hop on over to my next project. I know I have a HG Kshatriya review pending as well but that model also have to wait for better weather so I can topcoat it. This project, however, can be started on for the time being.

I’ve been meaning to do this for years now. Starting with the MG Wing Zero Customer, this will the first of a few “Revival” projects that I will be taking on between new regular projects. As the title implies, I will go back to some of my older models that I didn’t do all that great (read: terrible) of a job on and breathe some fresh life into them for a re-review (revival review). Just look at miserable this model is! glaring nub marks, no panel lining, feathers in the wrong spot, foil stickers…. oh yea, I should definitely fix it up.


So I have taken the model apart, give it a good wipe down to remove years of dust, and now in the process of cleaning up all the nub marks with my modeler’s knife. It won’t be perfect as if I freshly built it but hopefully, it will still be a huge improvement. After all that is all finished, I’ll finally apply the marking stickers (decals long gone). I didn’t use these markings back then because I was still a newbie and too scared to apply them ^^;.

Those nubs though… Anyway, I’m sure I’ll break some pieces in the process but the end result hopefully won’t be worse than before. I am also removing all the green foil stickers and painting those areas instead. Basically, bringing the model up to date with how I currently do things.


Back in the old days, some Gundam models only have inner frames for the legs and polycaps for most of the joints.


The hardest part but probably the one that makes the biggest difference are the wings. This part is one tricky business since panel lining can ruin the “angelic” aesthetic effect of the wings so I have to be careful how I ink the lines. I sort of have an idea, a panel line style and technique of sorts, that I think would work well highlighting the wings’ details. Still working on it now so will have to see if it turns out well at the end.

Although I am working on this now, I’ll probably do the review after HG Destiny and Kshatriya.

Completed MG Gundam Epyon Images

I believe what we are seeing here is the final production-ready painted model of the MG Epyon. Well, we saw it before at the Shizuoka Hobby Show but this is our first time being able to see every detailed bits and bobs in full view and color. Just because it’s not the TV version with some minor cosmetic changes, how is it not Epyon? This Epyon looks every bit like Epyon. You know it is Epyon and you can recognize it as Epyon. The Name is Epyon!

Looking at the white markings all over the body gave me Sinanju vibes. Applying them wouldn’t be so bad if they were clear stickers (their quality has improved a lot over the years) but I got this funny feeling that they are probably rub-on decals… it will be hell especially on the legs. Will you be able to keep all 16 stripes symmetrical or without messing up? Or give in to the waterslides again >_>

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Gundam Wing Memorials

Some of you may recall that my manager is a full-fledge otaku and her favorite Gundam series is none other than Gundam Wing. I am sure you can guess the reasons why (hint: it has nothing to do with the Gundams). Anyway, saw these two books at her house and borrowed it for the lulz. I was quite surprised at the amount of Gundam images in this book… >_>. Let’s have a look through, shall we?

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MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell Boxart

Batman, your Gundam has arrived! I know the Batman line is a bit of a cliche but this is the biggest homage yet! This has got to be one of the best visual representation of a Gundam ever! Instead of the usual cool pose with a chaotic battlefield in the back, you get a more symbolic “be one with the night” portrayal; there are BATS everywhere! In front of the moon! I don’t remember seeing any bats in Gundam Wing! nor in any Gundam series for that matter.  This boxart is just bat$#!* awesome! And yes, it is worth talking about! I wish there is a bigger size so I can make it my wallpaper!

If you really look at it though… aren’t the bats kinda big? like almost human-sized? or maybe Deathscythe shrunk? xD

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