WISP: HG 1/144 Stark Jegan

Yea… I know, a Work in Slow Progress post. Yea… I know. I’m just as shocked as you are ^^;. When was the last time there was a WISP post? It was back in October. That’s how long it has been. Looks like there are going to be a few “first time since…” type posts in the coming weeks. Anyway, instead of just sitting here idly while I wait for the right time to go find the parts I need to finish up MG FangJoker, I figured I’d put the time to good use by throwing the Stark Jegan together. Hey, gotta start sometime I guess…

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Back to Gunpla…

FINALLY! Z HAS COME BACK… *takes a deep breath* TO GUNPLA INOCHI! o_O *ahem* Anyways, Happy belated 2012, Happy belated Chinese New Year, Happy belated any other holiday that I have missed since December till now. Yea… it’s been that long. Where do I even begin now? Giving you all a personal history/excuse of what I have been doing this whole time and why I have been gone might be a bit lame for a “long time no see” post even if it is typical. I’ll trust that those who understands and believes in me probably won’t need to hear it and those who hates me for it won’t for it anyway. Though I must say… life has been sorta miserable and unlucky for me this whole year but let’s not get into any sob stories. Year of the Dragon… I thought I was supposed to be luckier?

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Tie Breaker Results

OMG A CONCLUSION TO THE CONTEST! NO WAY! *ahem* Yea… Working full time hours while being a full time college student doesn’t exactly leave me with too much free time and if it does, the time is best used to sleep @.@. Anyway, hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break and things went according to your keikaku. Now let’s finish what I should’ve finished LONGGGG ago…

The unknown gunpla and category I prize is…

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Gunpla Inochi Year 3 Giveaway

As is the tradition every year, it’s time for another contest following the obligatory anniversary post. The game is simple and takes very little time… but don’t expect it to be easy. *puts on troll face* >:)

UPDATE 2: Last day to submit guesses will be on 10/4 at 9:30 PM.

UPDATE: Hints revised a bit because I found one that was a bit misleading.


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Gunpla Inochi Year 3

I am very late on this. Like almost four months late… but I’ll still talk about it anyway just because. So yea… I’ve been writing on this blog for three years already. Three years. I never would’ve thought this blog would lasted this long but here I am… going on to my fourth. Of course, I owe it to every one of you for regularly (be it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) coming here. As always, I thank you for the support this whole time. Really, I mean it. Thank you.

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RG RX-78-2 Gundam Review Up!

IT LIVES! Yea… I am late to the party as usual; everyone already got their RG like a year ago and now I’ve finally reviewed one haha. Well, here it is- Real Grade RX-78-2 Gundam. Enjoy!

Oh yea… if you have already reviewed the RG RX-78-2 or HG 1/144 Tieren and want me to link to it in my review then please send me the links through email. Thanks!