Gunpla Chat 09

Compared to its HG boxart and other MG boxarts such as the 00 Raiser, Epyon, and DSH, the 7Sword boxart looks… disappointly mundane. Kinda unexciting. Unfitting. But of course, the boxart can be the most boring thing in the world and it wouldn’t matter because we all know just how awesome 7S is, right? ^^.

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Gunpla Chat 07

I could write a post about how my summer courses went but that would be lame for a “I’m back!” post. The above photo figuratively describes my current state in Gunpla- a mess. So it’s been a week since I’ve completed my three condensed courses for the summer and I am still just stumped on getting back into this hobby. At first, I thought I could just dive right back in where I left off, crack a few plastics, and polish off one model a week like I did last year around this time but… my head is just blank. Guess it is tougher than I thought to shake off the rust. Yes, I still owe you all the Hi-Nu Gundoom review… the one that should’ve been finished two months ago. It will be done before the end of the month. Count on it this time. For now… please let me just ease my way back into blogging… ^^;

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Gunpla Chat 06B- Other Gundam Things

I need to stop looking at reviews of the MG Epyon. The more I look at this Gundam, the more I am tempted to jump the sword. So far, photos from reviews have been rather unsatisfying so far (weak poses and the sword being cut off from the photos) but Hacchaka did a pretty nice job showing the glory of Epyon. I like this shot! I wonder if my red Real Touch Gundam Marker will work on Epyon’s nubmarks?

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