Piercing the Heavens Ver. Ka Style!

Oh hey! A mecha review for once! No way! But yea… it’s the Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann. The Lancelot Ver. Ka left me with a really bitter aftertaste so I was really afraid that this one might also be a comPOSite figure as well (this was already being shipped to me when I was reviewing the Lancelot)… but turns out, it’s actually decent. I still don’t think any better of this line-up though…

Gundam 4koma Contest Update

Alright better make this post before it gets delayed any longer. Okay… THE VERY VERY LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR 4KOMA IS 7/19/2010 11:59 PM PST. After that I’ll start posting up the entries. So if you haven’t submitted anything yet, then here’s your chance. The rules are here and here. Now to make things easier on myself, I’m just going to accept and post all entries regardless of whether you follow the rules or not… but you will only have a chance to win if you do follow it. Simple as that. Continue reading “Gundam 4koma Contest Update”

Future Gunpla Releases

I can’t even come up with a proper title to describe how much WIN Bandai is dropping on us this year. First off, here’s some tidbit to clear some things up- apparently Bandai is merging all their HG lines into one “HG Across the Universal Century” line (hence maybe that’s why you start seeing the series title on the box now too) so that’s how you get upcoming things like the HG 1/144 God Gundam, Gundam X, and ZZ Gundam. Guess Bandai finally realize that they have more Gundam series in their library than just UC, SEED and 00.

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There was a Paypal promotion going on with HLJ some weeks ago where they offered free EMS shipping if paying with Paypal. I didn’t see anything I wanted at first (because so many things were out) so I didn’t give care about the promo afterward. Come the last hour (literally) of the promotion, I gave in to yet another impulse buy and picked up Seravee ^^; after checking HLJ for the last time. I wanted to pick up Arios GNWHWYHWHWH/whatever and Cherudim GNWTHWTF/whatever too but they were out. I’ve always liked Seravee and Tieria is just <3.


Gurren Lagann Giga Drill Breaker cell phone strap I think this is… or keychain ^^;


Probably my first anime apparel? Unless the Tare Danny shirt also counts ^^;

Anyone also took advantage of the free EMS shipping? What did you bought? It was probably the best savings anyone outside of Japan could’ve ever gotten from a Japanese hobby site. I would gladly take free shipping for my order than save like a few % on some items.

Gurren Lagann in SRW

This video is incredibly GAR. Now I really want to see Gurren Lagann being animated into future Super Robot Wars game! It’ll be the next best thing since GaoGaiGar!

Sorry no reviews today. I stayed out a bit late and came home just a little too tired to do anything right now ^^;. In desperate need for sleep…

Edit: It seems like I can’t embed this video so here’s the link. It still works for me!


Review for Revoltech Gurren Lagann Full Drillized is up :D. I put it under the “Other Stuff” menu. I really wish I have better lighting in my room…

September Stats

Here’s a question to all of you: What do you find to be the nicest thing about this blog (the reviews, photos, simplicity, content, etc.)? what do you think needs improvement? and what would you like to see more? I hope some of you can take a moment to answer ^_^

Once again, I have to thank all the readers/viewers for another awesome month.

So far, every month surpassed the previous month in view hits by a large amount. I really appreciate all of you who comes here frequently and share your thoughts as well. It’s great knowing that everyone is enjoying the contents I put out ^_^. It makes all the effort I put into this blog all the more worthwhile.

I’d have to thank Dannychoo.com, otaku.fm, and animenano.com, and everyone who put me on their blogroll for broadcasting this blog out to the otakusphere and everywhere else. My blog probably wouldn’t get anywhere near as much exposure if it weren’t for them.

Most Hits for the Month: MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka (still haven’t fixed the progress pics yet ^^;) – 1036 hits

That’s unsurprising considering that…well, that’s the only review I was able to put out for Setempber >_<. The only other thing I did was complete my overhaul of this blog. Even then, I’m still pleasantly surprised the hits beat July and August’s when I put out a great deal of MG reviews ^^;.

For October, there’s going to be a lot more reviews being pumped out this time around since I’ll be doing mostly GFF (Deep Striker anyone?) and maybe a few SD models here and there. I’ll be going back to MG reviews again near the end of October or early November.

Once again, I thank you all for coming here and checking out my contents! I much appreciate it! :D

MG Sinanju and MG Infinite Justice

Images taken from Gundamaniac. Just thought I’d like to share my thoughts about these models. When Sinanju was first announced, everyone expected it to be around 5000-6000 yen and I agreed. That looks about right but it’s actually 7000 yen! x_x. That makes the Sinanju the most expensive model to come out of Katoki. I don’t know but something seems a bit… off here. The Sinanju is big, but it’s not Sazabi big (yet Sinanju cost more than it) and going from picture, it is slightly bulkier than Unicorn. I’m just not seeing where this markup is coming from until the final product is revealed in probably a month’s time. Perhaps Bandai really is gradually upping the price for Gunpla. We have 1/100’s from 00 that cost roughly 3200+ yens while SEED 1/100’s are still around 2400-2600, and Gundam Wing models are around 2000. Average MG now (Zaku II’s) are all around 4000 yen when MG that size used to be in the mid 3k yen. The price increase might be arguable at best (it’s up because of quality) but it’s there nonetheless. I don’t mind actually as long as I get what I paid for. I’m definitely getting the Sinanju.

MG Infinite Justice’s price (~5250 yen) on the other hand… seems a bit more ridiculous. It comes with no display stand but it’s priced above ther regular MG Strike Freedom and MG Destiny but below their SE counterparts. What? Do the transparent beam parts really justify that much? This MG is finalized and ready to be released and looking at its content, it’s really not much more stuff to it than its MG partner. I might be wrong so I’ll see what’s the big deal when the reviews from everyone comes out. Of course… this is also on my review list also.

Although I will be getting both models no questions, it would be dumb to order each one as they come out so I’m going to order both at the same time to save on shipping. Buying Sinanju alone would probably be around $90-100. That’s painful! I would guess it be around $40-50 with EMS for both of them at once, making it around $80 each model ;_;.  Time to start saving pennies…

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