When Haro Runs Out of Batteries…

… it just stays there with one of its eyes glowing, unresponsive. I don’t know how long he has stayed like that for (the thing wakes up hella early… at 7 am or so) but it’ll be awhile before I can change his batteries xD.

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Canon SLR of Yore

I know one of my primary reasons for choosing Canon as my first SLR was because it was the first camera brand I learned of when I was little and all of our cameras were from them ^^;. Besides a PnS, I also knew my dad has a SLR which I’ve seen from time to time when I was a kid (~15 years ago) but it’s only now that I’ve finally took a closer look at it.

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00 7S/G WISP 1

Gunpla while sick = efficiency drops 100%. Painting this model was rather annoying and that took some time… I think I might have to go over some parts again with another layer since the paint seems rather thin on some parts. On the legs right now but have to stop right now to work on my homework. This model should be done in two more weeks ^^;.

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HCM Pro Destiny Gundam… and HARO!

Yup. Just like the title stated… I’ve uploaded a gallery and review of my first HCM Pro figure/model, Destiny Gundam!

Next will be a new GFF (new to me at least xD)…

UPDATE: I’ve added a small gallery and VIDEOS for Haro! Gundam 00’s reincarnation of Gundam’s most (annoyingly) cute mascot. I’ll also write up a review with instructions on how to change stuff and provide newer videos later on if I’m not too busy with my GFF and Gunpla ^_^;

P.S The new GFF I just took out is VERY annoying…