2-in-1 Review: HG Stark Jegan and Jegan ECOAS

I need to expedite my reviews since I am already taking too long so here’s a first: Double review! HG 1/44 Stark Jegan and the HG 1/144 Jegan ECOAS Type!

But please forgive me if the review is a bit confusing to follow since I didn’t know the best way to mix the reviews together. Hope it is not too bad though ^^;. Enjoy!

Gunpla Chat 08 Ver. Jesta

As the title implies, this post is all about the Jesta which I think is coming out very soon. I still haven’t watched Gundam UC Episode 3 yet so I don’t know how these guys perform (So NO SPOILERS OF ANY SORT PLEASE!). Well… I certainly hope they don’t turn out like its grunt cousin ReZEL (looks amazingly badass but spends most of its screen time getting shot down). As Ckai pointed out, the Jesta takes a few design cues from Unicorn and you can see it on the knees and shoulders though obviously, these guys are far from being a MP Unicorn. I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: I think Gundam UC has the best grunt design in any Gundam series I’ve seen so far; there is just no design that I don’t like coming out of this series. I mean… it’s pretty impressive to get me to like the Jegan (Stark) and any GM variations since I’ve always hated Feddie grunts.

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Gunpla Chat 07

I could write a post about how my summer courses went but that would be lame for a “I’m back!” post. The above photo figuratively describes my current state in Gunpla- a mess. So it’s been a week since I’ve completed my three condensed courses for the summer and I am still just stumped on getting back into this hobby. At first, I thought I could just dive right back in where I left off, crack a few plastics, and polish off one model a week like I did last year around this time but… my head is just blank. Guess it is tougher than I thought to shake off the rust. Yes, I still owe you all the Hi-Nu Gundoom review… the one that should’ve been finished two months ago. It will be done before the end of the month. Count on it this time. For now… please let me just ease my way back into blogging… ^^;

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Nu Gundam is Not Just for Show!

The omake(おまけ) for the HGUC 1/144 RX-93 Gundam is now up after the review ^^. There’s a slightly bad twist on the characters and also quite a lot of seiyuu in-jokes so I hope you get all the references… xD. Anyhow, I’ve gotten rusty since this is my first review omake since Astray vs. Astray but hope you can still find it enjoyable ^^;.

HGUC Nu Gundam Review Out!

At long last… I have another Gunpla review up since the end of October o_o. The delay was mainly caused by bad weather preventing me from topcoating the model. Hate to say it, but the review is actually “incomplete” since the omake is not up yet (will finish before end of the year)^^;. Still, just thought some of you might like to at least take a gander at the more relevant part of the review first (as in, the actual “review”) before I plug in the bonus.

One important lesson I learned- Do not topcoat during the winter no matter how “nice” the weather might be. the chemical takes forever to dry and doesn’t go on the parts as nicely as during the warmer seasons. With this in mind, I don’t think I want to work on any bigger projects (or I can just build them but not actually “finish” them) until I can devise a way to topcoat elsewhere (my garage? but my car is in there…) or just wait until it is above 50 degrees F…

I guess I can review some more SHF for the meantime… xD. Anyway, hope you enjoy what I have to offer for now- here it is, the HGUC RX-93 v Gundam!

Oh, one last thing… deadline for the holiday giveaway is approaching fast. If you haven’t do so now, you have until the 20th. I’ll actually start “grading” answers now so I can announce the winner soon after it is over. Thank you all who submitted!

Future HGUC Review Poll

So bloggers across Japan and other parts of the world are reviewing the newly released HG 1/144 Gundam X-Divider as we speak and it is looking pretty good for the most part. The beam harmonica is exactly how I feared- monotone plastic. Gonna need some good paint to fix that up unfortunately… I’ll be damned if I leave it bare like that ^^;. I’m still on the edge of picking it up because I am having a hunch of a MG X in 2011… still, that HGAW looks so good! Image taken from Gundam Guy.

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Many assignments are being due within a week so things will be a bit slow here; the weapons is all I managed to finished. Working on the Fin Funnels right now. Some more news in a bit. Anyway, so we watched “In the Mood for Love” in one of my classes and it left me feeling a bit lonely afterwards… ^^;. Such a beautiful movie… Check out the music and the sequence!

Yea… don’t ask me why we were watching a Chinese love movie in class >_>