Gunpla and Photography REBOOT!

Seeing how my last “Gunpla and Photography” post was like 9 months ago even though I’ve been meaning to continue it every now and then, I’m restarting the series to try to organize it a bit better this time around. Went to check out the old post to remind myself what I wrote and realized it was tl;dr so I’m also gonna cut down on the text while still getting my main points out. This will also help me refresh my thoughts as I update the whole post in general. Another reason for this reboot is because Gaijin Gunpla recently asked me to write about it on so I thought “hey, why not? sounds cool” and here it is- Gunpla and Photography: Backdrop and Lighting, the first part of a series of posts detailing how I photo shoots my Gundam models. I apologize to those who may have already read the contents the first time around but I promise there will be new stuff I haven’t covered yet ^^;.

This time I’ll make sure to update on a more timely manner; I am working on the next post (Posing) and it should be up in about a week from now. Then another one after that in a week and so on until I’m finished with this series. If you like to photo shoot your Gundam models like I do, then I hope you can get something out of this series of articles that might be helpful to you. I’m no pro photographer though ^^;. It would be awesome if I can learn something from you as well!

MG Victory Dash Gundam Ver. Ka GET!

Some words of appreciation and gratitude are in order here. I would like to give a big thanks to everyone at Hobbylink Japan/, and Tomopop for hosting the “Playing with Plastic” Gundam competition. It was an awesome contest and a great way to see what others around the world with their Gunplas.  Since I didn’t get to submit the original Gundam I wanted to in time (my MG Red Frame haha…), I substituted it with my MG Blue Frame as my entry instead. At the end, I saw many other masterpieces and quite a few favorites from fellow bloggers as well ^^. I would also like to thank the very same people for this MG V-Dash Gundam Ver. Ka that came in the mail today. Thank you very much! Continue reading “MG Victory Dash Gundam Ver. Ka GET!”

Gundam 2010 Competition

Another Gunpla contest! but it’s not from me this time. This particular one is sponsored by Hobbylink Japan and Tomopop so it’s bound to be pretty awesome. I’ve been out of the loop recently so I just found out about this over at Plamo Addiction.  All the details on this page if you are interested so I don’t have to type out all the info. I’d like to point out that even if you don’t think you have a chance of winning, you should enter anyway since you can get a 10% discount voucher from HLJ. I’ve held a few Gunpla contests myself so it’ll definitely be refreshing to be able to join one  myself! If you’ve read the subcategories details, then it is very obvious which one I am going to compete in hehehe. One of them is just beckoning me to join! Now I just have to decide which model to enter…

Hope all of you will be participating too! Good luck!

More Free Shipping from HLJ…

I’ve received an e-mail from HLJ and wow… I’m guessing HLJ either 1) has too much inventory 2) REALLY want people to get into their new paypal billing agreement 3) loves to give free shipping 4) are just that nice. In case you’ve missed it the first (paypal billing introduction) and second (black friday sale) time, here’s yet another chance to grab stuff from Japan without having to pay a dime for EMS shipping. Of course, the catch again is that you must buy that one of their “blow-out sale items”. You won’t be able to see the items now and the sale doesn’t start until Monday (7th.. in Japan of course). Just wanna get this out there for those who are interested since it’s not even posted on their site yet.

My first order with the shipping promo was for the 1/144 Seravee and some Gurren Lagann stuff. The second time for the GFFMC RX-78-2 Ver. Ka, cherudim, and lancelot. The third time… my order haven’t came in yet ^^;. Not sure if there’s anything else I want for the fourth order o_O

HLJ Free Shipping Promotion

If you missed it the first time around, here’s your second chance at free EMS shipping at HLJ for paying with Paypal. Personally, I think free EMS shipping is like one of the best discounts you can ever receive from a Japanese hobby website. I think now might be a potentially nice chance to do some Gunpla holiday shopping. I’ve already placed my order. :)

Oh yea, I forgot to mention. There’s a catch this time around. You must buy at least one of their holiday sales item in order to qualify for free shipping ^^;

You can see all the info and how-to at HLJ.