Glion Museum, Osaka, Japan

I’ve actually went to Japan twice now. Those who remembered, I left back in 2012 to study abroad. My latest trip, a 1-month vacation, was just last November. It was just as much for nostalgia as it was for me to confirm whether I was seeing the country with rose-colored glasses the first time around or if Japan really is as great as I thought it was – part of my whole soul searching. For now though, let’s take a tour of the Glion Museum.

But first… do you like cars? Driving cars? What kind? What do you see them as?

I love cars. It’s the same feelings I have for Gundam or mecha. In a sense, a car is very much a “mecha” for me and I think of it as such, even if it is not quite “Gundam”. I think of driving as “piloting” ^^;. I figured it’s pretty natural that if you like mechs, then you probably has some certain interest to cars as well, even if it is only minor such as appreciating their aesthetics. Both are machines after all.

Glion Museum is a vintage car museum with a matching atmosphere. They even have a showroom where the affluent can purchase some very awesome historical machinery. The line of GT-R in the room are all for sale if you got the dough.

Man… they just don’t make cars this gorgeous anymore.

S800… ancestor to the Honda S2000. I would so drive the hell out of this! It’s practically a motorcycle (chain driven and revs to 9000 RPM!) with a roadster body.

In a room full of vintages, this Lancer Evo was certainly out of place and time period.

And more GT-Rs. Oh yea… Japan. Very few things make me feel like I am finally in Japan than seeing pristine examples of the R32-R34.

I’m not even gonna pretend like I know what any of these cars are so I’ll just let you enjoy the photos ^^;.

This is one classy museum. The buildings are actually several giant red brick warehouses and each one plays a different kind of either classical music, or jazz as you browse around.


Datsun Fairlady Z, otherwise known as the 240Z, otherwise known as the ancestor to the current day’s 350Z and 370Z. We were here from day and into the night. So much to see!

… So I’ve just realized that I have way too many photos here so I should probably just pick the best ones I took. Do you recognize any of these legendary vehicles?

Toyota 2000GT. I don’t think Toyota has made such a passionate car since the Supra Mk IV.

The 1970’s Skyline GT-R “Kenmeri” (Ken & Mary) and the Mazda Cosmo, the first Wankel engine Mazda.

There is just so much history in this museum and you get to see and feel in person just how different the times were back then. The innovations, the styles, the designs… many out of necessity and passion to give us what we have today. I probably won’t ever get the chance to drive almost any of these cars in my life for the full experience but I can live with the fact that at least I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

Gunpla Chat 01: Expo City, Osaka

Although I have said that I want to eventually talk about my “missing years”, the fact is that so much “life” has happened during those times that I really don’t even know where to begin. Blogging? Gunpla? School? Career? Love life? No life? Soul searching? My destination?! RWARRRRRRR *ahem* Let’s start with the most relevant topic: Gunpla. And I will talk about it as we take a stroll through some of my memories of Japan starting with the Gundam statues at Expo City in Suita, Osaka.




Expo City is like an all-in-one center. Like a mega mall but even more going on. Amusement rides, playgrounds, movie theater, shops, and bunch of other things I forgot since I only came here to just shop since it was near where I stayed ^^;. That giant chicken looking statue thingy is called Tower of the Sun. This was also the site for the first World’s Fair in Japan back in 1970.


Oh right… Gunpla… As much as I still enjoy the hobby and occasionally get the desire to just start snipping and snapping away, I quickly lose motivation and confidence. Like an old laptop battery needing to be replace, I just can’t hold my motivational charge long enough to even start a model then it just dies. It’s not that I think little of this hobby but with so much on my plate of “life” at any given time, building Gunpla just doesn’t feel like the most productive thing that I could or should be doing- It was a really misguided view that I’ve developed under constant outside pressure from “life”.


I wouldn’t go so far as call Gunpla a waste of time though. I still understand the concept that something is worth the time if you enjoy it. My mind was just more career- and future-focused; what can I do now to improve my conditions for the future so I can get to where I want? Gunpla probably isn’t going to do that for me. I also have what some might call a one-track mind, focusing on my main subject of interest while everything else be damned.


Time… Time has been a recurring theme. I am always clamoring for more time. Time to do errands. Time to fix things. Time to see people. Time to learn new skills. Time to advance. Time to rest. Time running out. With all that, there is just no time to justify to myself to build a plastic kit. It would be nice to be like Ash Ketchum/Satoshi and seemingly stay the same age even after almost 20 years and continue building Gunpla but reality has other plans.


Then there is age. I am at the point in my life where I am far from old but not exactly young anymore and the perspectives that I am seeing all around me are rather disillusioning. The generation of people after me whom I used to see as little kids are now either in college or entering the workforce. My generation of people now either have settled-down full time careers, ready to buy a house, getting married, preparing to have kids of their own, or already went home to be a family man. Even though I have a career job of my my own, I still feel as if I were a teenager and still wanting to do fun, stupid things instead of getting the rest of my $#!^ together like them. I don’t exactly care to catch up but I sometimes can’t help but to feel like I am stuck in the past. Is it time to move on forward? I wondered. It also doesn’t help when family members are constantly berating you for not being like the more “successful” people.


After seeing a few of what I’ve mentioned above, I somehow came to the realization and understanding that I don’t want any of that. Yet. It’s almost like I was put off by the notion of “settling down”. Do not want. Call it an epiphany or whatever but I still want to be a free spirit while I am still able to. To travel around, mess around, discover more of what else is out there, and ENJOY life my own way. Do my own things and go my own path. Not aim for the accepted norms.

So now that I’ve finally come to terms with myself and relaxed a bit, I can finally convinced myself that I can enjoy Gundam models for a bit again while still aiming for my future goals.

TL;DR version: Relax. Everyone needs a hobby. Do what makes your own life enjoyable.


Kansai Inochi

Well I am a bit late as usual. If any of you are still around would like to take gander at what I’m up to now, then feel free to just hop on over to Kansai Inochi!

Yup… I am studying in Japan right now and this is the reason why this place is on a hiatus once again. Working on the applications, applying for scholarships, filling out other paperworks, do this, do that, get ready… and now here I am. This is also the main reason why I’ve been so inactive on the Gunpla side of things. Ironic isn’t it? I am quitting Gunpla to go to the heaven/kingdom/birthplace of all that plastic goodness xD.

My new site won’t contain Gundam stuff but if you like my random food and miscellaneous life posts here, then you should be very well familiar with what I will be talking about there. Basically another blog about life in Japan just like this place is another blog about Gundam models. Another new learning experience for me just like when I started this blog.

If any of you are pondering about studying abroad in Japan in the future, maybe Kansai Inochi will help provide you with a more personal glimpse of what you can expect to experience over there. A “home look” at Japan perhaps? xD But anyway, I hope to make the blog helpful to those who are interested while still delivering my personal touch on things. Also feel free to ask me any questions related to Japan and I will try my best to get the answers for you.

I was actually already in Japan by the time I made my last post here but it’s just been so… busy that I couldn’t sit down and get back here sooner. it’s only been less than a month, but I’ve done A LOT here already. Traveling, trying out new things, meeting new people, learning how to commute, culture shocking myself… it’s all there. And more will come.

Any Gundam related things? I met up with Rob from ASM for the first time and we had an all too awesome of a time talking about life, Gundam and everything in between while he showed me around Osaka.

Well, anything else you wanna know then you can just hop on over…

See you there!
– Z

Earthquake in Japan

Heard about this on Thursday- One of the strongest Earthquake hit Japan, followed by a tsunami and now nuclear meltdowns. I’m sure there’s no need for me to tell you about it nor do you need to see photos of the destruction. Lives are lost and missing, homes totaled, and vast landscapes devastated. It’s unfortunate, terrifying and horrific. I have a few friends who lives in Japan but since they live in the Kansai region, they weren’t affected as much and are thankfully safe. Let’s hope the same goes for our comrades as well. My thoughts, condolences and regards goes out to those who are directly affected by the natural disaster and to those around the world who are indirectly affected by it. I wish everyone a god speed recovery and best of luck to the rescue teams who are probably working around the clock to help those in need at the moment.

If you have some pocket change to help out the rescue and relief cause, then here’s some links you can help support those in need. I can certainly give up going out to eat for awhile. Money to a greater cause is far easier to recover than say… lost properties, and loved ones.,1092.msg14225.html#msg14225

No More Gunpla Buying

That’s right. I am not going to ordering any more gunpla for the rest of the year. I am neither short on cash nor space but I need to scrap every pennies and dimes I can from now till summer. I’ve already cut off my april pre-order list that included the RG RX-78-2, RG Zaku II, RG Aile Strike, HGUC Jegan ECOAS, HG God and Nobell, HG 00 Quanta, D-Arts Rockman X, and MG Deathscythe Hell Custom. For the time being anyway. I’ve also ditched my plans on going to Anime Expo again this year. My wallet will be taking the biggest beating it will ever receive since the purchase of my Honda Accord Euro in 2007 so I gotta get ready for that.

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Kit Kat from Japan

Sometimes I see stuff like this and I just can’t help but to think “Guess things really are more interesting in Japan… even American stuff!”. I wish Kit Kat/Hershey in America could pump out such interesting (and outright delicious) varieties. All we ever get is stuff like sugar free, dark, and peanut butter and other garden varieties -_-. Anyway, here’s what I picked up…

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Japan Chemical Item Export Ban

I’ve just went over to R10 to pick up a few bottles of paint and I ran across THIS MESSAGE on their site. Basically, Japan has now banned exporting any sort of paint, thinner, cements and… you know… “chemical containing items” and the likes. Both spray can AND bottle form are no go. Their initial ban some time last year just pertains to spray cans. Tools are still okay though. From what I can understand on that page (it’s kinda in engrish), it seems like manufacturers need to present an MSDS (material safety data sheet- a paper that tells you how “hazardous/flammable” the stuff is) in order to be shipped… but can still be denied if the chemical is deemed too dangerous by Customs >_>. R10 has removed all their CSI Creos (Mr. Hobby) and Gaia Notes paint supplies from their inventory list to reflect this… along with Tamiya Acrylic which is what I buy (its Enamel counterpart is still there though). Maybe the acrylic will come back later…  I don’t know. As with the spray can ban, I’m assuming this will mainly affect US consumers since people from elsewhere will somehow find ways to smuggle them in ^^;. Since this is also very recent, I’m sure your store will still have plenty of stock left. Well, looks like I’ll have to resort to using Testor (domestic) for paint in the worst case scenario…

Let’s say it together everyone!