1 or 2?

I would like your opinion on this. Which of the two photo looks better (sharper, cleaner, crisper, better color, vibrant, etc)? The first one above or the second one below?

Both are taken right after one another with the same settings (I think) and at the same angle as best as I could. The only difference? The camera I used.

Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks =)

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto Review

Grandmother said this, “Walking the path of blogging, the man who will review everything”… Just kidding. So here’s my first review of anything in a long while, my very first SHF figure- Kamen Rider Kabuto. Well… there’s not much to actually “review” or explain since I think the photos can do all the talking. And with this, a new “Kamen Rider” section has been started where I’ll be mainly reviewing SIC and SHF stuff so you can expect more of the same in the near future. While I do want to make this a big section, I’m not sure how possible it will be. Obtaining SHF and SIC figures, I’ve realized, is a giant pain in the ass. Mostly because the ones I want are always sold out (even during pre-orders!) in online stores and cost a bomb on ebay (thanks to it being located in HK)… so we’ll see how things go.

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Got curious about the whole Kamen Rider stuff after the announcement of the MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker, so thought I’d give the Tokusatsu infomercial series a peek. Started out with W but since it is still airing (I’m up to 39 currently), I hopped over to Kamen Rider Kabuto and finished it early last month. I heard many positive feedbacks about this series and after finishing it, I think it rocks. There is an actual  plot, twists and turns, a decent storyline, a good sense of comedy, awesome fight scenes and character developments that is worth caring about. You can read more about it on its wiki page if this piqued your interest since I don’t want to ramble too much about it ^^;. This isn’t my first time watching Kamen Rider though; I remember back when I was like maybe 5 I was watching Kamen Rider Black RX… in Chinese.

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