Chou Review! SHF Ultimate Kuuga!

It’s been awhile since my last SH Figuarts review so here is one now. Truth be told: I started reviewing this Figuarts since August but couldn’t finish it because I didn’t have any ideas on how to pose it since I only on episode 4 of Kuuga at the time ^^;. Fast-forward a month of WIFP of Gundam models, school starting, and finally finishing the series… I still couldn’t come up with any ideas on photoshooting it so I just did the usual and wrote up the review ^^;. If you’ve seen Kamen Rider Kuuga, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about; this review provided more screen time for the Ultimate Form than the series gave it!

Ultimate Kuuga is one of the most badass KR design so even if you don’t like this stuff, it’s still worth a look I guess ^^. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

As I am working on the 1/144 Nu, there will be more SHF reviews coming later this month also… since it is about time I count up my sins.

Kamen Rider Kuuga

600th Post Reached! Kuuga… the first KR series of the Heisei Era. I think it’s a pretty straightforward good-vs-evil series so while it is easy to watch, some will probably find it boring due to its simple plot ^^;. I won’t go into much details/spoilers just in case some of you are planning on watching it eventually. The main protagonist and only Rider (yes, the above image is all the same person), Godai Yusuke, is your gentle, happy-go-lucky, god-bless-his-soul fellow who lives to protect everyone’s smile from the nasty and evil Grongi. Wow. Really though… the kaijin (“monsters”) in this series are pretty cruel in killing people; blowing up school girls, crushing people against a wall with a truck, running people down with a motorcycle, setting people on fire while they’re still alive… pretty violent compared to what you see nowadays ^^;. I usually dislike such clean characters like Godai but I love how he endorses himself and stick his “Kuuga” mark on just about everything- on his bike, t-shirt, belt buckle, apron… you name it. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone taking so much joy and happiness in being a Rider xD.

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