Preview: MG W FangJoker

Normally, I don’t show you my finished product until the review. However, I am overly excited about the result (not to mention that I actually finally completed a model…) that I just gotta show you all before reviewing it (which I am working on as we speak) ^^;. Now that the hands are “fixed”, I can finally say…

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WISP: MG Fang Joker

I can talk about how a pickup truck smashed into the driver side of my car because the driver decided to change lanes on the freeway without looking, leaving my car in the repair shop for two weeks while the truck takes off with its tire polished. Luckily, they are paying for the damage. If I go on with the story, then I must go into a rage fest about the average American drivers here so I’ll just stop here. Since I don’t have any broken bones, I’ll just brush off my injuries as “mere bruises” and move on- I AM part Gundam after all. However, I really appreciate and thank you for your concern this whole time ^^. ANYWAY… Yea, it’s been awhile since I’ve built a MG but it has been even longer since I did something Kamen Rider related so why not have the best of both worlds?

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SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Accel Trial Review

My first SHF review for the year and will be my last for awhile as I get back to work on Gunpla. I’m sure some of you have already seen this review coming :). The reason it took me so long was because I took A LOT of photos for this one (100+ photos; similar to a HG/MG review) since it’s a Tamashii Web limited release and all. Gotta make the review a bit special too I guess.

Here it is- SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Accel Trial!

SH Figuarts… SHFiguarts… mm.. whatever…

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Shake it off! SHF Kamen Rider Review

This was shipped out after Christmas and arrived the same week. After checking it out and seeing how stunning it was in person, I just have to review it ^^;. So here’s my first review of the year- SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Accel! Review wo furikiru ze!

I figured I’ll just finish reviewing all the remaining SHF from the W series (there is all but one left) before I get back to Gundam. It’s not like I can finish any Gunpla at the moment anyway since weather has been at 0 to -2 degrees C for a week now ^^;.