Gundam 4koma Contest Update

Alright better make this post before it gets delayed any longer. Okay… THE VERY VERY LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR 4KOMA IS 7/19/2010 11:59 PM PST. After that I’ll start posting up the entries. So if you haven’t submitted anything yet, then here’s your chance. The rules are here and here. Now to make things easier on myself, I’m just going to accept and post all entries regardless of whether you follow the rules or not… but you will only have a chance to win if you do follow it. Simple as that. Continue reading “Gundam 4koma Contest Update”

Time in Los Angeles

For the last of the AX/LA post, I’m gonna talk about my time roaming around bits of the city itself. Hopefully some of you might find something interesting to take note of whenever you decide to pay a visit to this awesome city ^^.

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Danny Choo x FAKKU! Meetup

The main event and reason  I went to LA for- the chance to meet Danny and everyone else. I’ve only ever heard of FAKKU like only once but never step my virtual foot in their site before so I had no idea what to expect and only just learned that it was a hentai-focused site ^^. However, there was nothing ecchi at all at the meetup so everyone of all ages were able to come. The place, ESPN Zone, was already packed half an hour before Danny came and soon reached max capacity on both floors once he arrived xD.

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When I Come Back…

I owe you the following:

– Finish the MG Astray Red Frame

– Finish the 4koma contest

– spam posts about Anime Axpo

– Post about the Danny Choo x FAKKU! meetup

– post about my time roaming LA (Hotel hopping, food, stores, people, sights, etc)

– MAYBE Start a new category of reviews

– moving on with life

Last day in Los Angeles so I’m gonna go grab me some ramen and poke around Little Tokyo before I fly back to boredland at night. Peace out!

To Anime Expo!

There’s no turning back now. While I’ve talked about attending Anime Expo awhile back, I didn’t register till just now haha. Reason being that I started watching Macross Frontier to see if I want to go to the Megumi Nakajima May’n Concert… and I think I’ll pass on it ^^;. Sorry… I’m not a Macross person nor do I enjoy its music much (though I do like the cute song “Seikan Hikou”). Anyway, I’m gonna have to scramble to pack and plan things out as this is my first time going to a real convention where I am not there just selling stuff in the booth. I won’t show up until Friday though since I will arrive Thursday night. I’m gonna be so lost… an iPad would probably be useful in this case as I don’t think I want to bring my macbook pro with me…

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