MG ReZEL Review

No matter how dead this place might become, there will always be reviews here ^^;. I actually finished the ReZEL months ago but left it in review hell due to papers piling up endlessly. The review is shorter this time since I didn’t make an omake and didn’t take as many photos as before but it should still be sufficient. Here it is- MG RGZ-95C ReZEL Commander Type!


MG ReZEL Completed… Almost

You know, for some odd reason… whenever I skip a day of blogging, I develop this lazy tendency to not blog for a longggg time. I’m not even sick of blogging, but I just become soooo lazy to post anything even though I have a lot to talk about @_@. Well, I’ve just finished all my essay midterms last week so the last thing on my mind was to type more (blogging) and then I unwind myself of the stress- one of my Japanese friends turned 21 so we took him to “places” that he wasn’t allowed in before that age. No need to go into further details. Anyway…

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