MG Infinite Justice: Test Drive

Well, today was raining so I couldn’t topcoat the model yet unfortunately. Guess the next best thing to do is to mess around with the model and discover its weaknesses and limitations before I topcoat it so when it comes time to really abuse it for the photoshoot, I won’t screw it up too much =). Also this is a good chance for me to see where I need to touch up before putting it in the spotlight. Very rarely do I post “teaser” photos, but thought I’d share this time around to see what you all think so far ^^. Continue reading “MG Infinite Justice: Test Drive”

MG Infinite Justice WIFP 1

Since Lupes stole my self-claimed title of “slowest gunpla modeler”, I decided to aim for the opposite extreme then. HA! A photo speaks a 1000 words… or so they say. I won’t be answering questions about it until I’m done with the review so what you see and what you think I did is probably what I did ^^;. Continue reading “MG Infinite Justice WIFP 1”