The Gunpla Topcoat Process

Despite having the procedure written out step-by-step in “My Tools/Tutorial” page, I still have people asking me in almost every review and in emails about how do I topcoat my models… so I’ll repeat here again. Warning! It’s an extremely complicated procedure that requires the user to have a Ph. D in fluid mechanics and thermal dynamics in order to fully comprehend the sophisticated steps involved!

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Japan Chemical Item Export Ban

I’ve just went over to R10 to pick up a few bottles of paint and I ran across THIS MESSAGE on their site. Basically, Japan has now banned exporting any sort of paint, thinner, cements and… you know… “chemical containing items” and the likes. Both spray can AND bottle form are no go. Their initial ban some time last year just pertains to spray cans. Tools are still okay though. From what I can understand on that page (it’s kinda in engrish), it seems like manufacturers need to present an MSDS (material safety data sheet- a paper that tells you how “hazardous/flammable” the stuff is) in order to be shipped… but can still be denied if the chemical is deemed too dangerous by Customs >_>. R10 has removed all their CSI Creos (Mr. Hobby) and Gaia Notes paint supplies from their inventory list to reflect this… along with Tamiya Acrylic which is what I buy (its Enamel counterpart is still there though). Maybe the acrylic will come back later…  I don’t know. As with the spray can ban, I’m assuming this will mainly affect US consumers since people from elsewhere will somehow find ways to smuggle them in ^^;. Since this is also very recent, I’m sure your store will still have plenty of stock left. Well, looks like I’ll have to resort to using Testor (domestic) for paint in the worst case scenario…

Let’s say it together everyone!


Mr. Topcoat- Discontinued?

I hate bringing this subject up as much as you guys hate hearing it but answers must be sought out ^^;. It has come to my attention that Mr. Hobby’s topcoat has been pulled from just about every and any online store that used to carry them (including R10 and hlj). I tried any possible search term and keyboard to bring something up… but got nothing. I have no luck finding any on ebay as well for the past few weeks. The first scare was that Japan banned exporting spray cans of any sort and it looks like hobby dealers have removed all sort of spray cans for sale (including paint, primer, etc) on their site. Can anyone confirm this? It would be nice to know that they are still being produced even if not for sale outside of Japan…

The above is all the topcoat stock I’ve saved up over the months. It might look like a lot but it’s actually not. I am still scrapping future projects here and there just to hopefully finish my regular projects ^^;.

Six Cans Left… Too Many Models to Go…

Some of you probably already know one way (someone posted here) or another (rainbowten) that Japan has finally banned the exportation of spray cans (it is reluctantly understandable…). This means model spray paints and… *GASP* TOP COAT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! TToTT /Darth Vader

*ahem* Anyway… well, this means that I’m SOL if I need more top coat and whatever I have left in my room will be the last I’ll ever have in the US (6 fresh cans). I also have yet to see any American topcoat spray cans in shops. This ban reeks of major suckage because now I have to scrap many “refurbish” projects, possibly my Force Impulse project (repaint), and rationalize what I have left. With six cans and more models than I can remember, I’m gonna have to skimp on some and use this stuff only on the best/most expensive one. This also means I now have to shuffle my model schedule around too… so expect some changes for the next few planned reviews.

I was somewhat expecting this to happen one day…but not this soon. Since last year, I’ve already been seeing imported Japanese hairspray and household chemicals being banned from Asian supermarkets here… so it was only a matter of time. On the bright side, this just gives one more reason (among hundreds…) to move to Japan :D