MG Acguy Review UP!

The review for the MG Acguy is up but the omake for it will have to wait a bit longer since I’m missing some props that I forgot to pick up the other day ^^;. The term is coming to an end so I’ll have finals to study for. I also need to clean up my Desktop for submission for Otacool 3 as well (I have beer bottles, chemicals, tools and bunch of other random stuff laying around… and lots of dust). Anyone else here also planning on entering Otacool 3?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the review and I’ll be back later!


Got a call from the Kinokuniya Bookstore today that my order of OTACOOL had arrived :D. Rushed over and was glad I finally got my copy haha. Costed me only $26 which is A ****LOAD better than paying an arm on the internet then a leg for shipping (I would know…). I was a bit surprised at the size of the book though since I thought it would be like photobook size (judging from pics online) but instead, it’s about the dimension of a manga.The lady asked me why I wanted this book out of curiosity so I showed her my own entry and she was like “SUGOII!!! :O” and took the book to show her other coworkers inside the office ^^;. Anyway, I’m sure most of you know what this book is about so I won’t go into the details… other than after skimping through it, I think my room is like the lightest of ’em all in terms of otaku-ness XD. No point showing my entry in the book too since it is much better to just check out the actual photos of my room in this post.

*sigh* now I have to go back to work on the two essays that are due on Monday…