Last Day- Kumoricon and Kinokuniya

Nice day outside today. Not much was going by the time I showed up since there was only half an hour left before closing ^^;. Walked and snapped a bunch of pics before I went back to the dealer’s room to start work for Kinokuniya again.

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Danny Choo x FAKKU! Meetup

The main event and reason  I went to LA for- the chance to meet Danny and everyone else. I’ve only ever heard of FAKKU like only once but never step my virtual foot in their site before so I had no idea what to expect and only just learned that it was a hentai-focused site ^^. However, there was nothing ecchi at all at the meetup so everyone of all ages were able to come. The place, ESPN Zone, was already packed half an hour before Danny came and soon reached max capacity on both floors once he arrived xD.

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Pocky- the “official” snack/breakfast/lunch/dinner/food/life source of the dedicated otaku and weeabo. It’s amazing how some people get all crazy seeing this stuff for sale… especially at anime cons. Some of them literally go bat**** insane the moment they see the little red box (I would know… I sold pocky and ramune once at a con…) and buy them by the cases. The original flavor taste like a pile of cow dunks but I gotta admit that the other flavors are actually yummy. but still… can someone explain to me the overall craze over this snack? Where are the anime references? The only one I know of is from G Gundam where it was eaten by Wong Yun Fat… and I do not want to be associated with him when I eat this >_>. Anyway, thought I pick up one pack of each just to make this post (seriously…)… this is only a tiny fraction of their entire selection. If I were to buy their whole collection, I think it’ll be well over $70…

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Got a call from the Kinokuniya Bookstore today that my order of OTACOOL had arrived :D. Rushed over and was glad I finally got my copy haha. Costed me only $26 which is A ****LOAD better than paying an arm on the internet then a leg for shipping (I would know…). I was a bit surprised at the size of the book though since I thought it would be like photobook size (judging from pics online) but instead, it’s about the dimension of a manga.The lady asked me why I wanted this book out of curiosity so I showed her my own entry and she was like “SUGOII!!! :O” and took the book to show her other coworkers inside the office ^^;. Anyway, I’m sure most of you know what this book is about so I won’t go into the details… other than after skimping through it, I think my room is like the lightest of ’em all in terms of otaku-ness XD. No point showing my entry in the book too since it is much better to just check out the actual photos of my room in this post.

*sigh* now I have to go back to work on the two essays that are due on Monday…

Dragon Ball Z

Instead of diligently finishing up on the Skygrasper, I am now sitting here watching Dragon Ball Z… movies. Borrowed the whole movie collection from my M0nejer ^^. I avoid any anime (particularly shounen) series with more than 100+ episodes (bleach, naruto, conan, one piece, dbz, etc) because they are slow and takes up so much damn time. I haven’t seen ONE SINGLE EPISODE of the aforementioned anime series. I’ll watch the DBZ movies though since they’re short and brings back good memories- first anime I was exposed to… and first saw it in Cantonese :D.

My m0nejer is a hardcore DBZ/Vegeta fangirl. Beside the movies, she also has all DB/Z/GT soundtracks and the likes ^^;. One of the most ovely abused references (among others) we imitate at work is the “OVER 9000!” line. For example, like today:

M0nejer: hey Z! What did the scanner say about our sales today?

Z: huh? wut? o_O

M0nejer: NOOO! You messed it up! That’s not what you’re supposed to say!

Z: x_x… oh! IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!! *crushes thin air*

M0nejer: You ruined it! >:O

Basically, we would often communicate in ways that would bring the otaku lulz ^^;. I usually imitate some part of Light Yagami or Lelouch vi Britannia (right down to the FABULOUS pose) when things are going just as planned… or act like Kamille Bidan/Amuro Ray (or generic angsty protagonist) and wail “YOU ADULTS DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AND ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF!!!” when things go wrong. She understands the references real well XD.  We just laugh it off at the end ^^. It looks like we are just screwing around but we do work seriously ^^;.

My m0nejer was also the first person to introduce me to anime outside of the mecha genre… beginning with Ouran High School Host Club ^^;. Yea… I watched it all the way through. I had to question my masculinity afterward though…

Then she introduced me to Lucky Star… which I also watched all the way through and got my mind warped by the “moe” trend. I felt like I lost a few brain cells by the end of this anime… ^^;. From time to time, I had to ask “why am I watching this stuff?!?!”. I learned something though… never ask a squealing fangirl for preferences on what anime to watch. You might end up stumbling upon something like Junjo Romantica…

Otaku Manager

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of months now. For the first night of Kumoricon (Oregon’s anime convention), I stayed over at my manager’s house afterward since I didn’t bring my car at the time. With her permission, I would like to show you her room ^^. My manager (whom I passionately/sarcastically address as “m0nejer-sama” at work) is a full fledged otaku girl inside and out. Watches anime and reads manga (in Japanese)? check. Listens to J-pop? Check. Is an anime encyclopedia? Check. Enjoys Yaoi? Check. Is a rabid fangirl? Check. Cosplay? Check. Collects figures/plushies/OST/DVD/Gunpla/etc? CHECK! How awesome is that when we work, we are usually making over 9000 anime references, imitations, and making satires out of the otaku culture xD.

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