Dust in Lumix GF1 Screen

Dust is annoying one of humankind’s (at least this side of it) greatest nemesis and we all hate it. Unfortunately, just like cockroaches, it will be one of the left things taking over the world after a nuclear war/apocalypse. Damn it… how the hell they do it?! After putting my GF1 under my lamp, I saw as much as 7 pieces of dust INSIDE MY SCREEN (it’s not shown too clearly so I circled them; that piece of LINT on the left is for real though)! ARGHHHH!!! I can’t clean it out! How the hell did they get in?! WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? It haven’t even been six months since I bought this camera ;_;. There are also some very light scratches to the screen but those I don’t mind so much, oddly enough. I have my Canon XSi for over two years and it only has a couple of light scratches but no dust inside the screen at all. Oh well… at least I can’t see the dust when the LCD is on and at least it is not on a more important part of the camera like the sensor. I don’t think a screen protector would help any in this case because the screen glass is slightly raised above the surface and I doubt that’s where the dust enters. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!

Sorry… just had to take this post to rant ^^;.

Lumix GF1 GET!

I supposed I have to thank (blame?) Danny for influencing me on this giant purchase ^^;. For some odd reason, I can’t seem to find any store (Best Buy, Sears, etc) that carries this camera so I never got to play around with it to make up my mind on whether to buy it or not. During the DC meetup at AX, I asked Danny if I could check out his GF1 for a bit and after shooting a few shots, I immediately fell in love with it… and my XSi felt lacking ever since. After coming back to Portland, I started my hunt for the best deal on this… Continue reading “Lumix GF1 GET!”