New Blog Layout

Alright… as I have said in my earlier post, this site could definitely benefit from some refreshing. And this is the new look. I must say I am quite fond of this new theme as it allows me to display my highlight photos larger than the previous long-running one that I have been using (or left on) which you will see when I post my reviews.

Speaking of reviews, I have not looked at ANY gunpla reviews the past few years. None. I am barely even caught up with model releases (“WOAH! MG GUNDAM DOUBLE X!”). Are personal blogs even popular anymore? I ran through my blogroll and was dismay that many stopped around the same time I did or the year after. Very few people soldiered on and I salute them for their dedication and effort. As such, I have removed the links from my blogroll. Heh… it’s not like this blog is currently sending any traffic anywhere anyway. At the very least, it cleans this place up a bit. Of course, if you are still blogging and want to exchange links then please feel free to drop me a line.

Now for my first project since 2012… a HG Panda’gguy. Hey, I am taking it easy ^^;. Heh… so this is what Bandai is up to these days. Interesting…

Expect a review in a day or so.