GG INFINITE: G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest

Gunpla contests are awesome. Photography contests are also awesome. Gunpla and Photography together is a match made in heaven. Gundam Guy/GG Infinite is beginning a Gunpla Photography contest, aptly titled “G-SHOT”, beginning in January. You can check out all the details of the contest on his blog post. Here’s a quick summary:

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Gunpla and Photography REBOOT!

Seeing how my last “Gunpla and Photography” post was like 9 months ago even though I’ve been meaning to continue it every now and then, I’m restarting the series to try to organize it a bit better this time around. Went to check out the old post to remind myself what I wrote and realized it was tl;dr so I’m also gonna cut down on the text while still getting my main points out. This will also help me refresh my thoughts as I update the whole post in general. Another reason for this reboot is because Gaijin Gunpla recently asked me to write about it on so I thought “hey, why not? sounds cool” and here it is- Gunpla and Photography: Backdrop and Lighting, the first part of a series of posts detailing how I photo shoots my Gundam models. I apologize to those who may have already read the contents the first time around but I promise there will be new stuff I haven’t covered yet ^^;.

This time I’ll make sure to update on a more timely manner; I am working on the next post (Posing) and it should be up in about a week from now. Then another one after that in a week and so on until I’m finished with this series. If you like to photo shoot your Gundam models like I do, then I hope you can get something out of this series of articles that might be helpful to you. I’m no pro photographer though ^^;. It would be awesome if I can learn something from you as well!

Canon SLR of Yore

I know one of my primary reasons for choosing Canon as my first SLR was because it was the first camera brand I learned of when I was little and all of our cameras were from them ^^;. Besides a PnS, I also knew my dad has a SLR which I’ve seen from time to time when I was a kid (~15 years ago) but it’s only now that I’ve finally took a closer look at it.

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Lumix GF1 GET!

I supposed I have to thank (blame?) Danny for influencing me on this giant purchase ^^;. For some odd reason, I can’t seem to find any store (Best Buy, Sears, etc) that carries this camera so I never got to play around with it to make up my mind on whether to buy it or not. During the DC meetup at AX, I asked Danny if I could check out his GF1 for a bit and after shooting a few shots, I immediately fell in love with it… and my XSi felt lacking ever since. After coming back to Portland, I started my hunt for the best deal on this… Continue reading “Lumix GF1 GET!”

1 or 2?

I would like your opinion on this. Which of the two photo looks better (sharper, cleaner, crisper, better color, vibrant, etc)? The first one above or the second one below?

Both are taken right after one another with the same settings (I think) and at the same angle as best as I could. The only difference? The camera I used.

Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks =)

Gunpla and Photography 2

RECAP: “Gunpla and Photography” was originally intended to be one post but after realizing how many aspects I want to talk about for photographing Gundam models, I’ve decided to break it up into a series of posts over time so I don’t end up dropping a wall of text on you all. This will also help me organize topics better and minimize confusion. Again, by no means am I a pro photographer but I love photoshooting Gunpla in an attempt to bring out the “life” of it (“inochi” haha). Just thought it’d be nice to share this aspect of the whole Gunpla experience with everyone. For this post, I’ll cover backdrop, lighting, and Gunpla posing.

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