Shigezo Izakaya

It is the end of the term and everyone is done with finals, so now what? CELEBRATE! Heard there was a newish Japanese restaurant downtown so thought we give it a shot…

I dare you to go through this post on an empty stomach… ;)

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Week of Noodles

Still trying to get the hang of the GF1 and the 20mm pancake lens (specifically in low light situations).  Been eating a lot of noodle stuff lately so thought I’d like to share, starting with the above: Spaghetti and shrimp seasoned with some garlic herb butter type of deal. Made by my mom ^^.

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What is Up… 3/1/10

I am still a bit (very) slow on new projects nowadays but I’m still trying to manage at least one project a month… even if said project is just a head XD. I’ve been playing SRW W (on my third run ahah) to get myself hyped up more than I already am for the MG Red Frame… and it works! The Astray Gundams are probably some of the most powerful Gundams to be featured in a SRW (seems like someone at Banpresto must share our love for the Red Frame). Not to mention the most fun. Kira and co. can get lost.

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