MG ReZEL Review

No matter how dead this place might become, there will always be reviews here ^^;. I actually finished the ReZEL months ago but left it in review hell due to papers piling up endlessly. The review is shorter this time since I didn’t make an omake and didn’t take as many photos as before but it should still be sufficient. Here it is- MG RGZ-95C ReZEL Commander Type!


MG ReZEL… Which One?

UPDATE: Poll added.

So the MG ReZEL Commander Ver. is finally out and unfortunately, my worst fear of it not having the regular beam rifle included has come true. Even though it is not surprising, it is still a bit of a downer to see Bandai would go that far to deliberately remove the weapon. It’s not so much I want the beam rifle but it’s more like without it, the ReZEL seems very lacking in the armament department. I supposed this is expected from the ~200 yen price difference. Now I’m torn on which design I want at the end…

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