Tie Breaker Results

OMG A CONCLUSION TO THE CONTEST! NO WAY! *ahem* Yea… Working full time hours while being a full time college student doesn’t exactly leave me with too much free time and if it does, the time is best used to sleep @.@. Anyway, hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break and things went according to your keikaku. Now let’s finish what I should’ve finished LONGGGG ago…

The unknown gunpla and category I prize is…

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SD FA Unicorn Gundam

Forget about the MG FA Unicorn. Check out the SD version done by none other than the Gunpla master Keita himself. His works are always so motivating and inspiring to look at. Such an awesome modeler. Have a look for yourself here.

NOTICE: Deadline for the contest has been extended until Tuesday night (10/4) when I get home from school… so around 9:30 PM PST.

SD Gundam G Generation F AMV

Oh how I’ve always wanted this game like ten years ago but I could never afford it (it was $75 in store). Back then, it looked so awesome to have all the Gundam series (pre-SEED) in one game! It’s like SRW… but with only Gundams! I didn’t get to play this game until much later on in life and was sadly disappointed with the controls and animation; I’d much prefer the gameplay style of SRW @G (the only SRW game I had at the time) ^^;. What was incredibly awesome though was the sure amount of animated CGs this game contained.

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SD Gundam Exia Review

First Gunpla review (sorta) of the year… and first SD Gunpla review in over TWO years ^^;. I ranted a bit though. Not as many photos this time; For once, the review is VERY SHORT… but fitting of SD models I guess xD.Anyway, here it is- SD GN-001 Gundam Exia!

I’m getting a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long, long time…


SD Gundam Exia START!

First off, the Future Project page is updated AGAIN because I realized I forgot a few more models that were hidden and decided to change my mind on one of them so they are all included now >_>. ALL OF THEM WILL BE REVIEWED! Not teasing you! That page just keeps growing so I better start whittling away at it before it becomes bigger than my Master Grade page…

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SD Gundam 4Koma

Gonna venture onto new ways of providing entertainment on this blog and thought I’d give making 4komas a try. Coming up with something that fits into exactly four panels is not easy… and hoping that it is funny o_o. Seeing how my SD collection haven’t been getting any love (but getting a lot of dust instead), thought I’d use them for this instead xD. So here’s my first few sorry attempts!

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