Hiatus: MG Sword Impulse


I forgot who but someone said apparently no one was able to put the MG Sword Impulse in this pose yet… but it can pull it off pretty easily ^^;. I spent a lot more time trying to take the perfect picture of it than posing it. I think I came close enough. Click to see the actual size if you find it blurry.


As for the entire review, I hate to say this but… I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it any time soon. This week I am just… wow. crushed by many aspects of life at the moment. Since I won’t have the review ready any time soon, I’ll let you all have a glimpse of the photoshoot. Just so you all know…whenever one of my photoshoots seemingly takes forever, it usually means I’m having too much fun or just putting some extra effort into the photos (usually both) ^^. Hope it’ll worth the wait at the end for all of you. I am striving to complete everything by this coming Thursday but we all know how accurate I am with my ETA…


Strikingly Impulsive


Wow. Finally… it’s about time I’ve built and completed my review for the MG Force Impulse Gundam. Do check it out. This is one big review ^^; (140 images… 56k users, you’ve been warned). Hope you all enjoy the photos, it could be quite entertaining xD. Now I know what I really want to do with my second MG Impulse…

While I’m working on the GN Arms, I’ve also mustered enough courage to start on the review of a certain mecha… it’s quite GAR…

Face of Arrogance

EDIT: I am done and starting on the photoshoot right now ^^


Very arrogant looking indeed ^^; Just a quick update on my progress with the MG Impulse. I’m done with the actual Gundam and just have the Force Silhouette and Excalibur to go… plus slapping on the decals and drowning it in top coat.


and shot of completed Impulse:


I apologize for not replying to some of the comments recently. I only have oh so much time to check this blog at home and make an update. I’m just crushed by many errands lately and this holiday week have been taxing on my body; the only thing I can think of doing is sleep.

Odd Mix of Reviews

Finished three short reviews for today. I thought I’d finish reviewing my older SD Gundam models before I begin new ones. You might as well call these “filler” reviews since I don’t think anyone will ever look for them ^^;. Still… they might come in handy for reference purposes.


1/100 Destiny Gundam (no no… not the MG version. I’m saving that for later)

SD Nu Gundam HWS

SD Strike Freedom Gundam

I’ll have a new GFF review up tomorrow night as well. Currently working on it right now…

HCM Pro Destiny Gundam… and HARO!

Yup. Just like the title stated… I’ve uploaded a gallery and review of my first HCM Pro figure/model, Destiny Gundam!

Next will be a new GFF (new to me at least xD)…

UPDATE: I’ve added a small gallery and VIDEOS for Haro! Gundam 00’s reincarnation of Gundam’s most (annoyingly) cute mascot. I’ll also write up a review with instructions on how to change stuff and provide newer videos later on if I’m not too busy with my GFF and Gunpla ^_^;

P.S The new GFF I just took out is VERY annoying…