Mamoru Miyano as Light Yagami


My manager (who is a Light/Mamoru fangirl herself) showed me this awesome youtube video of Mamoru Miyano dubbing Tamaki Suou and Light Yagami IN PERSON. It is really astonishing to see the actual seiyuu’s expressions when dubbing his characters! I’m like… “wow.. so THAT’S how he did the Kira Laugh!”. Check it out. Mamoru Miyano is amazing ^^

Youtube link here if video is unavailable for embedding for whatever reason later on.

For those who don’t know, Mamoru Miyano is also Setsuna F. Seiei from Gundam 00 ^^; Too bad we don’t get to hear him go “ore wa… ore dachi wa… Gundam da!” or “ore wa Gundam datta! TOH!” xD.