Seravee WISP 2

Last WISP before I will just finish up on this model and then on to the photoshoot. For a 1/144, this thing requires as much work as a 1/100. That’s impressive in both a good and sorta bad way ^^;. Good that it packs a lot of details OOB and bad in that it takes almost nearly as much time as an easier 1/100 xD.

Even with only half of its cannons at the moment, it still makes the 00 Raiser look kinda puny…

’twas  a busy day for me. Gotta bounce to school. I’ll get back to the comments when I return ^^;

Seravee GNHW/3G


Just saw this over at Ngee Khiong who picked it up fom Ameblo. Seravee 10 Swords… along with all the cannons. Best of both worlds. Who cares if it can’t really move on Earth from carrying three other Gundams on its back >_>. You can never go wrong looking badass with more swords! Infinite Justice and Exia will be jealous…