Tea Chat with Teh Tarik

My apology to the Malaysian readers here for not being able to drink the authentic stuff and have to resort to this instant stuff of the great drink, Teh Tarik ^^;. Hope it doesn’t sound as much of a blasphemy as it is an oxymoron; how do you have instant and “hand-pulled” tea?

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MG Sinanju WISP- Completed Model


This is it. Take a good look. A home look. This is how the MG Sinanju looks like out of the box (minus the gold obviously) before I infest it with 300+ of Katoki’s signature senseless decals and drown it in top coat. This will be the last WISP post for Sinanju as I won’t be updating on my decaling progress so the next Sinanju-related post will be the final review everyone’s been waiting for ^^;. Then again…


Sinanju has a powerful and solid stance. Don’t think I’ll ever need to worry about it falling or something. It has plenty of weight to keep it planted.


Just a few subtle action poses. Can’t show off everything now otherwise I won’t have anything left for the real photoshoot ^^;. Enjoy!

MG Sinanju WISP- Actual Height

Here’s a more meaningful WISP than last time. Let’s check out the height of this monster!


Sinanju’s height is almost exactly equal to Unicorn’s Destroy Mode height- it’s almost impossible to tell which one is really taller (it’s Sinanju in case you wanna know)! I think this would make Sinanju the first tallest MG that can still pose (Ex-S, Perfect Ziong, Sazabi are limited to just standing).


The legs are very solid and very well engineered. Nothing unnecessary and all sliding parts serve a real function in its articulation. Very impressive. The nub marks are pretty bad on the legs as they are thick, usually on spots that curves or worse… in such a spot and angle where it is hard to clip off with the right hand. Overall, it still doesn’t show as bad but it was tiring (and futile) trying to clean them off without messing up a little.


I’m almost finish! Just the backpack and weapons to go then it’s on to stage 2! Decals… *shudders*