Super Robot Wars V Trailer 2

It’s been so long since I’ve played any SRW games. My last game was SRW Z2.2 Saisei-hen and that was an awesome chapter. Since then, I’ve been sort of out of the loop. It’s amazing how far this series have progressed since the days of still images sliding around on screen with squiggly lines for effects. Now you have rotating backgrounds, cutscenes, real official BGM, and animation that could put some anime to shame (watch Space Battleship Yamato’s part in the trailer!).

Super Robot Wars V(oyage) is the latest series due next month, bringing in many new robot series but also a few that were just in the last big title (SRWZ3) like Gundam UC, SEED Destiny, Gundam 00, Zeta Gundam and a few others. In a way, this sort of looks and feels like an extension of Z. Even with V in its title, there is no V Gundam, Voltes V or Combattler V. I don’t think I have seen those guys since the Alpha series.

But it’s nice to finally see non-anime Gundam series finally being included!


Okay, ZZ is an anime but still good to see it back after a long disappearance too. Judau doing his best impression of Dankuukougaken.


Nobody likes Hathaway in Char’s Counterattack. I’m not even sure I will like him in his own series either but the Xi Gundam is way cool. Sucks what happened to him though.


Missing since Alpha 2, it’s great to see Crossbone Gundam in SRW again! Who doesn’t like UC pirate-themed Gundams that are melee-oriented? Muramasa Blaster anyone? C’mon Sunrise, give us an anime adaption already.


Though not a Gundam, I was hoping to see GaoGaiGar return to SRW but this Might Gaine looks good. Never seen the anime though.

SRW games are now easier to play and enjoy than ever thanks to the Asia version having ENGLISH SUBTITLES in the gameplay now. That is like a dream come true for fans outside of Japan who can’t read Japanese. Might have to pick this up if it looks more promising.

Anyone else still play SRW?




Super Robot Wars NEO


Yeaaa… I’m a bit very late to find out about this (just yesterday) and I’m sure everyone else already knows but I still wanna talk about it ^^. So this is the newest SRW and it is for the Wii time. Despite the name “NEO”, this SRW contains quite a lot of old school stuff I see xD. There are two big shockers to me here: The roster and 3D graphics.

From that video, the ONLY series I know is New Getter Robo. The rest I’ve never seen or heard of in my life o_o. I still have fond memories of Braiger and G Gundam though. It seems that with each new SRW, Banpresto is bringing in more obscure (to me) mecha series. That’s a great thing as one get more exposure to more mechas… but at the same time, I feel just that more alienated ^^;. I play SRW to relive those awesome anime moments and laugh like a maniac as I control my favorite mecha to go on an onslaught on hapless grunts. The one SRW where I was well-versed with most of the roster was SRW@3 (or the whole alpha series actually). Now the 3D… woah, why is it 3D?! The graphics look great and all but… some things MUST stay 2D. I supposed if it needs to make use of the wiimote, then this is the way to go. I just hope it is not a permanent change because there is a special charm about seeing attacks being replicated just like its anime counterpart. Even though I have a wii, I have no intention of getting this game because there’s just too many series that I can’t relate to here x_x

Any SRW players here? What are your thoughts? Oh, and last question… how is “Super Robot Wars” read? Is it “SUPER ROBOT- Wars” as in “Wars of Super Robots”? or “SUPER- Robot Wars” as in a super war of robots? xD

Model Giveaway

UPDATE: tweaked some rules to make things a bit more clear. They’re in Red.


I am giving away this still-new in box R-Gun Powered from Kotobukiya’s SRW OG line-up. I bought this kit many moons ago but after building the Alteisen Riese, I don’t want this kit nor did I ever planned on building it in the first place. Bought it impulsively because it was so cheap ^^;. So now I’m throwing it up for grabs to whoever wants it. Shipping is also on me, and it doesn’t matter if you’re across the globe. Sounds good?


However, I do have a catch. To give everyone a fair chance (instead of the first person to say “ME!”), I’m turning this into a contest. A photography contest. It’s very simple- take a photo of your favorite/best Gundam model in the best pose you can put it in. Best one wins (decided by all later in a poll). Now isn’t that appropriate for this blog? xD. Well, Here’s how it goes:

1. You can submit up to two photos (because I know it’s hard to choose sometimes…) only once. I choose the best of the two. I prefer two shots of the same Gundam/model/figure/whatever.

2. I look at the pose (stunning? striking? awesome?), backdrop (no need to be fancy… just not in front of a toilet or something), lighting and camera angle. sharpness is a plus.

3. You have until I released my MG Impulse review to submit photos (this means roughly a week plus some change). You will know this beforehand because I will be posting WISPs (Work in Slow Progress). In the event I take longer than usual on Impulse and no one submit anything for 3-4 days then I can cut things short.

4. I’ll pick the best three then everyone gets to vote on the winner; you can vote for yourself.

5. submit photos to zyuan3618 [at] hotmail [dot] com with an obvious title.

6. I want to see how well this works out and might consider giving away other models in the future.

8. No Gundams? Figures or other mechs work too.

9. To counter spam voting and promote fair play, I will also be voting. My vote will be equivalent to OVER 9000!!! votes.*

10. I’ll ask an outside forum to vote as well. I’ll make sure it’s “far away enough” where it won’t be affiliated with anyone in the otakusphere.

After all is said and done, I’ll email the winner where he/she wants the model to be shipped and that’s it! ^^

Hahaha… if anyone is wondering, I got this idea from Danny after his contests ^^;.

Looking forward to some of your entries. Have fun!

SRW OG Gaiden


VERY late of me but I’ve finally started on Super Robot Wars Original Geneerations Gaiden. Thought I outta just breeze through this game once before I start on Z since it is only 39 stages. Of course, by the time I start Z, Banpresto would most likely have a new SRW coming out already orz. Already blew past the first five stages; Kai’s Gespenst MK II Kai Kai is freakin’ awesome!

Will do a little review on that little Art-1 figure some time this week and hopefully, I’d have completed the old iron giant by then as well.



So my glasses fell apart and lost the screw somewhere in my house (guess it dropped when I wasn’t around)… this means I can’t see the TV… meaning I can’t play SRW… orz. My vision sucks enough where things start to get blurry after four feet ^^;

Guess it’s just back to working on the model then…

Platinum Lucifer

Disappeared for two days to relax with friends and catch up with other things ^_^. Here’s the overdue review for the Volks SRW OG Weiss Ritter. I’ve also added a new “Super Robot Wars” section where the reviews for the Volks figures and Kotobukiya kits (in the future) are stored. 2/3 of the way into October already… geez, time is flying! That’s great though because I’m more than ready to get back into MG reviews at the start of next month.

With the yen going up (along with the dollar going down), almost 1 usd=100 yen, it gets a bit tough trying to buy loots from Japan at the moment ^^;. I’m mainly looking for supplies right now (hello Flat Coat) and there doesn’t seem to be any US sites that have the stuff I want orz.

oh, and…

Best. Car. Commercial. Ever