Hiatus: MG Sword Impulse


I forgot who but someone said apparently no one was able to put the MG Sword Impulse in this pose yet… but it can pull it off pretty easily ^^;. I spent a lot more time trying to take the perfect picture of it than posing it. I think I came close enough. Click to see the actual size if you find it blurry.


As for the entire review, I hate to say this but… I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it any time soon. This week I am just… wow. crushed by many aspects of life at the moment. Since I won’t have the review ready any time soon, I’ll let you all have a glimpse of the photoshoot. Just so you all know…whenever one of my photoshoots seemingly takes forever, it usually means I’m having too much fun or just putting some extra effort into the photos (usually both) ^^. Hope it’ll worth the wait at the end for all of you. I am striving to complete everything by this coming Thursday but we all know how accurate I am with my ETA…


MG Sword Impulse GET!


Weee… I finally have a MG Sword Impulse xD.

Just realized that even though you can combine the two Excaliburs from the Force Impulse model, the Gundam itself can’t really hold it with two hands because there are no slots for the left hand to plug into (the real MG Sword Impulse has modified Excaliburs where it does have slots).


With the Excaliburs combined, the weight is really punishing on the right arm; the hands can barely hold onto the sword. Not to mention the length is overly long to make any creative pose without support. I was hoping for some aerial poses but the left hand is useless as it can’t even hold onto one sword alone.


So adding another Excalibur from another Force Impulse to the Force Impulse doesn’t really work out. As it stands now, only the MG Sword Impulse can be the Sword Impulse. ^^;