Turn A Turn

Well, guess I kinda went ahead and finished the review through Safari as wordpress is all weird on firefox at the moment. So finally, here is the MG Turn A’s review. At this rate, I am still good with one review per month xD. Oh yea, I’ve cut back on the number of photos too so hopefully that’ll ease up the task of scrolling down for some of you- There is only 99 images this time around ^^;. I consider this review to be incomplete at the moment though as there’s still more things I’d like to add but that have to be until I am free from the wraith of school though. So for now, hope you all enjoy this one for now ^^.

Next project be the R-2 of Gundams.



For the first time ever, I am actually on time with a given deadline. I said in my other post that I would finish Turn A by Sunday… and completed I did ^^. Now on to photoshooting and writing up the review. I’ll point out that I won’t even need to top coat this model since it looks oh so damn good as is (a point I’d like to glorify). The level of shininess is equivalent to that of a semi-gloss top coat. Now on to the main purpose of this post: The sexy legs!


Look at those curves! o_o I don’t know how to describe it but… they sorta look like blades? The swoops just gives it a really dynamic look when posing :D The panel and seam lines, like the arms, are also nicely hidden so you just get smoothness from top to bottom.


Reflective eyes are still <3. Review to be complete as soon as I have the time.


One sad thing I found out is… unfortunately, my Hasegawa base doesn’t work at all with Turn A so I need to use my other bases for aerial shots… Ugh. I need to finish homework (essay) so I’ll disappear now. I apologize for not being able to reply to anything at this point ^^;.

MG Turn A Wisp: Fabulous…


Let’s put our differences in opinion of Turn A aside for a moment and just admire the model’s beauty ^^;. It is only after assembling this thing halfway do I finally realize how MUCH MORE bizarre of a design this Gundam is. Not to to mention how much engineering effort Bandai has put into this model. Assembly is straight to the point without excess parts for the sake of having more parts to put together. This model is easy to build but it does not skimp on anything at all. Seam lines and nubs are intentionally well hidden. The range of articulation is wide and unrestricted. And… I’ll save the rest for the full review xD. Let’s move on to the next point…


The panel lines. Simply bewildering. I didn’t know how to decide on where to give lines to so I ended up panel lining everything ^^;. This is almost like MC Escher stuff here. A maze of different elevations and sides with tunnels of different widths. haha… I’m talking too much. Anyway, I’m hoping to finish this model by…. ohhh, maybe Sunday if I’m free enough ^^;. I just have the legs and armaments to go!

Turn A WISP: Head and Body


This is what I have of the Turn A so far. This is indeed one sexy model. I was skeptical about applying decal on the forehead for the “Turn A” mark so I just handbrush Tamiya Clear Green in. I LOVE how Bandai designed the eyes for this model- the eyes are clear yellow with the gray “mask” in front of it (so no hassle of eye stickers nor painting), and silver backing behind the eyes to make it reflective. That’s like PG stuff there. Why don’t Bandai do this more often?! Oh yea, let’s stop calling it the mustache… I think V-Tusk sounds a lot better ^^;. This is actually a pretty easy model to build and I could finish it quicker if it I didn’t have so much time constraint… ^^;

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