SD FA Unicorn Gundam

Forget about the MG FA Unicorn. Check out the SD version done by none other than the Gunpla master Keita himself. His works are always so motivating and inspiring to look at. Such an awesome modeler. Have a look for yourself here.

NOTICE: Deadline for the contest has been extended until Tuesday night (10/4) when I get home from school… so around 9:30 PM PST.


I’ve FINALLY completed my MG Unicorn Gundam after a little over a month… for all the wrong reasons! schedule, work, studies, friends, and stuff kept pushing this project back but finally mustered enough will power to finish it. Geez…

Photos of Unicorn’s Gundam Destroy Mode are up too! Here’s the full gallery of my MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka – 56k WARNING: over 100+ photos!

So glad to be done with this model and thought it was going to be my last Ver. Ka but MG Sinanju is right around the corner!

For the rest of the month (what little is left of it), I’ll focus on my overhaul then begin working on GFFs against. Haven’t been doing those for awhile.

MG Unicorn Part 1

I didn’t intent to make my MG Unicorn review into two parts but after getting in the zone to complete the model today, I’m dreadfully tired and only had time to photoshoot Unicorn Mode for now. I’m currently working on the photoshoot for the Destroy Mode right now as I’m typing this post but will probably go to sleep soon. I’ll plug in my progress photos and all the usual tidbits after I’m done with Destroy Mode. I’ll most likely be done with it by tomorrow evening!

So for now, Check out the gallery for Unicorn Mode here and let me know what you think! Thanks

New Arrivals!

These came in the mail yesterday…

I was quite shocked that these items alone weighed 3.1kg and costed me 6100 yen in shipping! I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since I paid around $150 for EMS to have ALL of these shipped to me in one box back in December…

And I should be done with whatever I’m hiding by Monday then I’ll be starting on the MG Shin Musha Gundam :)