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More often than not, I get at least a couple of questions from people asking me stuff along the lines of “what base is that?” in the reviews so here’s a listing of all the bases I use in my photoshoots.

Bandai Action Base 1


This is Bandai’s Action Base that is ideally for 1/100 models (but it can used for all scale… not sure about PG ^^;). They also have a AB2 mainly for 1/144 and SD models. This base is VERY versatile as it has a wide range of articulation and adjustability. It comes with different crotch holders to fit different models but recently, Bandai is nice enough to include a more/less unique holder with the Gundam model. The action base is also like the most affordable of all the bases too; one AB cost roughly $6-8.


Personally, I don’t like the Action Base because the base is a dust magnet and the whole design just looks a bit busy. Too much going on. I really only use it for ACTION purposes (in photoshoots) but never for DISPLAY.

Hobby Base Model Situation Stand


There’s like a couple of brand names for this one and I’m not exactly sure which one is the right one ^^; (Yellow Submarine was one I think). Anyway, this is probably the toughest and sturdiest display base out there. The rod is STRONG and if you know your basic physics, it can balance ANY MG with ease… including the MG Nu Gundam. This is the stand you sometimes see in those fancy Japanese Gunpla sites like Wonder Excellence.


It doesn’t take effort to assemble the base. What’s nice is that the manufacturer also made sure to include cushions and rubber covers to prevent scratches to the model.


Full height is around 7.5″ (or around the height of MG Unicorn Destroy Mode). The really really bad part: The metal right is FIXED. I bought this thinking that the ring is adjustable or bendable but damn… I was wrong. Still, this is a nice display base and does what I need it to do most of the time. Cost around ~$10.

Mini MS Stand


A smaller, cheaper, yet more versatile version of the original base above… I guess. As the name might suggest, this one is only big enough for 1/144 or SD models.


Hmm… just realized I don’t have a photo of the completed base. Doesn’t matter. What’s cool about this base is that the base itself is hollow so you can store away extra weapons or hands inside. What’s also nice is that the rings are actually FLEXIBLE so you can bend it around the model’s waist ^^… of course, this base is not as sturdy as the big one but it does its job. I think about ~$5?

Hasegawa Display Stand


My display base of choice and easily my favorite for both display and action. It is simple, conservative, and clear so the focus is almost entirely on the model. There’s only one size and that’s the one on the right. The other is shorter because the pivot joint between the rods cracked ^^;. The base comes with two holders- the crotch holder pictured and… the other one is completely useless (it looks like a clip…sorta but not really).


One problem is that the bases are the most fragile out of the bunch. The joints can become loose or the cap between the two rods can crack (rare occasion… but it does happen). Articulation is limited as you need to find a balance with the model or the whole thing will tip over. This base is also not as sturdy nor strong as the other stands I use. While it can hold up regular MGs alright, you might feel a bit insecure about its balance and be cautious if it will tip over. The worst part is that the crotch holder is glued onto a separate socket piece that snaps on the top of the upper rod… this means if you accidentally use too much force, you can break off the holder and then you’ll be super gluing the parts back together. That is easy and all but the parts will forever remain even more fragile. I would know… I fixed both of mine once already. This base is also one of the more expensive bases with a price of ~$13-15.


41 thoughts on “Display Stands

  1. I like the looks of the Hasegawa stands, but if they’re fragile like you say, do you go thru multiple ones doing all your various photoshoots? And what camera do you use, i’m curious. I’m currently using Nikon dSLRs.

    1. yes, I have multiples because the joints all have different amount of wear on them. Some are even broken.

      I’ve been wielding the Canon XSi this whole time.

      1. Hey Z I’ve been in need of some more stands but don’t have the funds to buy the nice ones at retail cost. If you got any broken or loose ones that you don’t need I can buy it from you :)

          1. Sorry, but my stands are still usable even if they are broken ^^;. I fixed them but it’s still not as nice as when they were new.

  2. Hey Z, do you know of any online store from which I can purchase the “Hobby Base Model Situation Stand” you mention in this article? I recently acquired something superb and that is exactly what I need to properly display it but as far as I’ve searched, no store has that type of stand even listed!

    1. Hm… I bought it off of HLJ but I can’t seem to find there anymore. Nor any of the other sites as well. Maybe it is discontinued… :(

  3. I want to buy a stand but I find the stands on ebay pricey. I want to buy HLJ but they say that all the responsibility is upon me when declaring and stuff, and I live in Australia, but I am not quite familiar with the customs in Australia. But when I buy stuff on ebay overseas I don’t have to do anything like declaring. So my question is, should I buy from HLJ if I am not familiar with the custom rules.

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