GFF Hyaku Shiki (Kai)

Ah… the Hyaku Shiki and Hyaku Shiki Kai… Units both deserving of the GFF treatment and with stunning results.

This is probably the most solid GFF I have in my collection. There’s absolutely no loose parts whatsoever. The paint job is perfect and has virtually no blemishes… since this is mobile suit is monochrome anyway I didn’t expect much to begin with >_>. It still looks great though even if it can’t do many poses. Good thing this figure is also not in fingerprint gold too so you can actually put your hands on it. Only comes with one hand for use with all its weapons so no dual wielding. If there’s anything to nitpick is that there’s still some slight warping here and there but they aren’t easy to spot.

Converting to the Hyaku Shiki Kai requires swapping quite a few armor plates and the easy. When I first saw this mobile suit in SRW Alpha Gaiden, I thought it looked ugly but i came to love its radical design over time. It’s a very unique looking unit ^_^ I didn’t bother with converting to the MP Hyaku Shiki Kai though; it’s basically a Hyaku Shiki Kai with the body of the Hyaku Shiki with some other mismatched parts. Nothing new.

The Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai is where this GFF really shine like gold! Big guns…big armor… big details… This conversion blends right in with all the other FA GFF badasses. I just LOVE the bulky design of it! It almost looks like a Super Robot or a Megazord xD. Of course… with all the parts on, motion is restricted even more so it’s only limited to just standing there… looking mean. One quirk is that the head can’t actually snap on completely so the head might fall off if you try to turn it too much but it won’t fall off by itself nor drop from its position so it’s no big deal. The huge beam rifle or whatever it is looks just as awesome and stylish as the rest of the figure.

This should definitely on your GFF MUST GET list ^_^

I know some of the photos are redundant but this GFF looks so good, a little more photos of it isn’t exactly a bad thing xD

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