24 thoughts on “Perfect Grade

  1. So when you opened up the box and picked up the instruction manual, did you get discouraged by its size? My PG GP01 arrived today and the manual is like a novel. haha

    Nice job so far. I want to see more here!

    1. well no duh the instruction manual is like a novel the GPO1 is like the largest PG the strike is considerably smaller like the same size box as the RX-78-2 or even the MG unicorn gundam(HD colors version+MS cadge) so for the strike im assuming that the manual was considerably smaller then the GPO1’s probably around the size of the RX-78-2 (which i have and trust me its only like 17 pages long)

  2. I really like the Skeletal Frame of the strike gundam
    but what cost lest the Rouge or the Strike its self?
    when i open my 00 Raiser PG i was Shocked it has 2 Big Boxes 1 Tiny Box and a FREE SCREW DRIVER…… and a gundam 00 catalog

    Inside X_X i finished the model in 3 nights it was worth it

    1. That depends if you can find the Strike+Skygrasper cheaper separately… which I did. But for online stores (HLJ), they are the exact same price. Bandai makes sure you are not saving any money with the same model.

      1. The two most expensive ones….. go big or go home, right? If you do decide to go with the raiser, hlj almost always has it on sale (i suspect due to low sales) and if you wait for one of their shipping deals…expect to pay about $200.

        My advice would be to wait to see more pictures of Strike Freedom to come out and look at a LOT of 00 raiser pictures. With me and 00 raiser, I noticed that the more pictures I looked at..the more I disliked it.

  3. @Axl Gundam: What PG did you build? If it’s good I’ll add it to my wish list and I’ll buy it if I have enough money

  4. Hey Z! I’m thinking of buying a PG. My first choice is the Wing Zero Custom. Do you think it’s worth the money? Or are there better PGs out there that you can recommend.

    1. It’s better for you to get PG Astray or PG Strike. The design is more awesome + the price are not quite different.

    2. The PG Strike, Red Frame, RX-178 and GP-01 are probably all better than WZC, the WZC is really hurt by the lack of a stand and how some of the armor on the arms like to fall off+the general bulk of the kit.

  5. Z, I am currently in the market to buy a new Perfect Grade. I have my sights set on the PG Strike Gundam 30th Anniversary Ver. and I am stuck wondering if I should buy it being that it doesn’t include the regular armor parts. The inclusion of the Skygrasper and Aile Striker(and a stand) is great, but I find myself wondering if those extra items are worth having the funky coloration in such an expensive model. I’m also looking into the PG Strike Freedom. The difference in price is fairly substantial but I am curious; which would be the better of the two in your opinion? I read that you were in a car accident. I hope that you are well my friend and I look forward to more reviews.

    1. The better of the two? I only have one so I don’t know but the PG Strike+AS is 60% of the price of Strike Freedom and takes up less space. Take that into consideration…. but at the end, why not just pick the one you think that looks better to you?

    1. hahaha I am from phils too and I should say, just lurk around our malls and you will find plenty of them. For a cheaper bet, go to greenhills. And by the way, start with the suit that you really like.

  6. I wonder if you’re planning to get another PG series kit in near future? I’m hoping to see more reviews from you… =)

  7. i would love to try building a perfect grade, but they are all wayyy over my budget!! what is a cheaper one to build that still looks good???

  8. I think it’s pretty safe to say that ANY Perfect Grade will look good, so long as you yourself like the mobile suit’s design. The cheapest of the Perfect Grades range from about $130 to $160-ish, starting with the original three (the RX-78 and two Zakus), along with the Strike Gundam. It’s entirely up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth dropping the dough or not, though.

    And if you’re most interested in the Strike, then I’m afraid you might be let down unless you order straight from Japan. It seems the US retailers are all sold out, and the distributors aren’t willing to let go of the last couple of Strike’s they’ve got. At least, that’s what Gundam Guy told me awhile back.

    Hope I could help!

    1. yes very helpful thank you. i have been looking online, as where i currently live these things are 1-3 hundred dollars. im not sold really on a particular one, but it is quite a chunk of cash. thank you for the info, ill keep looking

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