Revoltech Gurren Lagann Full Drillized

I only learned of this figure not too long ago before I decided to grab it. Previous Revoltech figures I have before this are New Getter Robo and Mazinkaiser and I didn’t like them too much; they aren’t really stable despite the high poseability. I just had to give this Gurren Lagann a chance because…. well, Gurren Lagann is that awesome.

Out of the Box

If you own any revoltechs, then you should know the simplicity of its packaging is. This is very nice because you don’t have to go through barb wires to get the figure out ^^;. One thing I noticed is that Gurren Lagann’s box is a little less deep (front to back) than both Mazinkaiser and Getter’s box. I like this too since that means it takes up less space.

The Figure

When I saw pictures of this figure of Gurren Lagann online, I thought the drill bits all over its body were attached on seperately but turns out that they are actually molded onto it. That could be a bit risky since the drills could’ve warped inside the box or something. An additional head, chest piece (with shades), three spare hands (open, slotted, and pointing), Lagann Boomerang, Giga Drill (which you can turn into Simon’s key) and the base are included.

Why isn’t there a roaring face?

This figure doesn’t have the GFF linear standing pose but instead, it has something more along the lines of “badass and standing proud” look. Paintjob is a little above mediocre (but definitely a lot better than Mazinkaiser and Getter who came out a lot earlier) but…

… Err, gotta be prepared for stuff like this when buying mass produced figures.

One VERY MAJOR FLAW in this figure: Its drill can’t be properly connected to the wrist because it’ll bend the little drills on the wrist that are obstructing it! ARGH! I had to connect the drill from the Elbow. The inner flap of the box shows instruction of how to put the drill on the REGULAR Gurren Lagann.

The Articulation

All the dramatic and dynamic poseability you can expect out of Revoltech figures. Unlike my previous two figures, Gurren Lagann can actually keep itself standing and balanced. The joints also doesn’t make the figure look as awkward and they’re a little easier to work with. Photos speaks more than words here…

This figure was a great and definitely showed many improvements over the previous older figures. Very articulated and stable. Details are also exceptional. This would be the perfect figure if it weren’t for the flaw with the drill (which could’ve been bigger). This problem wouldn’t exist if the drill bits were actually attached individually but then we could probably get loose drills falling all over the place. Overall, there’s no regret in picking this up but I advise that it’s best to pick it up in person where you can spot the paint flaws.

7 thoughts on “Revoltech Gurren Lagann Full Drillized

  1. I own this figure, and while it is still very, very awesome, I kinda think I would of been better off with the normal Gurren Lagann (I didn’t like that normal GL’s big drill is gold, and I had little hope of finding the Enki at a reasonable price so the Gurren Wing compatibility didn’t seem like too big of a loss). Them drills all over his body are kinda sharp and can bend somewhat easily, so it does somewhat hinder his poseability by a bit, but oh well.

    Not sure if you know this, but it is possible to put the big drill on his wrist, but it has to be at an angle for it to connect without bending his other drills. You do have to display the figure at an angle where the big drill is blocking the smaller ones, though. To me it looks awkward with one big drill and two small ones coming out of his wrist.

    Despite it’s flaws, it is a nice display piece and is fun to pose. I’m looking forward to the upcoming GL revoltechs to add to my shelf. I might still get the GL ones I don’t have (Enki (if I can find him), Enkidu, and normal GL).

  2. Hmm… I think it looks a bit awkward for the drill to be at an angle from the hand. Oh well, doesn’t matter much anymore since I haven’t played with this figure for awhile. I’m personally looking forward to the Chou-Ginga GL… I think that one is in production…

  3. The wrist thingy doesn’t seem like too much of a loss, since IIRC the drill was connected at the elbow in the show anyway.

  4. -so it just another regular Gurren Lagann Revoltech but with drills all over its body?
    -the silver core drill look nice unlike my lame gold color =.=”
    -and recently i just know that wing and backpack to create Flight type can be found in Lazengann and Enki Revoltech

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