SRW OG: 013 Alteisen

I believe this figure is Banpresto’s Alteisen designed by Volks and Dengeki Hobby Magazine is inserted into the credit somewhere. It is piloted by Kyosuke Nanbu who can be extremely cool-headed to extremely hotblooded (hotheaded). To me, The Alteisen is one of the best looking real mech in SRW that can actually tank while turning enemies into, ironically, scrap irons. xD


The box is very big, deep and wide, for such a small figure (I would say a little bigger than 1/144). It’s also very glossy too… so glossy that I can use it as a mirror. Inside is Alteisen, a pair of open palms, and a clear display base with its name engraved on it.

The Figure

For its size, the figure is a bit on the heavy side… and unfortunately, most of the weight is on the top it seems. The figure also have a soft rubbery feel to it and it seems durable enough to withstand being played around with (a trait of real “action figures” I guess unlike GFF’s…). The shoulders have these pseudo-sophisticated rotation to them that opens the bottom Heavy Claymore covers as the tail binders slide down (yea, confusing I know). The paintjob is great! The colors are vivid and spot on; there’s very little blemishes on it but they’re unnoticeable. One of the problems I have is the top left claymore cover being stuck and I can’t get it out so I just left it there. Another is that while the display stand looks cool, Alteisen’s legs are a bit too loose (and heavy) to actually use it for action poses. As a result, I ditched the base and just do all the poses on the ground… it’s not like it can fly to begin with anyway >_>

Beowulf of Steel

The nice thing about the joints on Alt-chan is that it clicks as if there are gears inside so it can actually hold the arms and legs in place. The figure is very flexible… maybe a bit too flexible since it can easily do the splits but it also has a hard time balancing its own weight from dynamic poses. It sucks that the waist also can’t turn which makes action poses a bit awkward. Still, I think it’s a bit better than the 1/144 Alteisen Kotobukiya came out with.

Like the real Alteisen, this figure counterpart feels just as sturdy and easily weighs more than most of my MG models. I wouldn’t be scared if I drop it a few times (not that I would to test it out). For what it is, I think it makes a great display figure with the added durability bonus for one to actually play around with first.

9 thoughts on “SRW OG: 013 Alteisen

  1. Ah, this figure does look really nice. After all it is also my fav OG mech only after its upgrade. Looking forward to see it along Weissy performing their signature move. BTW, does a Riese and Rien version of these mechs exist in the Volks lineup?

  2. It’s Alt’s main weapon, the Revolver Stake. Basically the right arm has a revolver mechanism that instead of shooting bullets, hits the massive stake with sheer force, allowing the Alteisen to penetrate anything.

  3. Beamknight87, There is a Riese figure but not a Rein (as far as I remember). I originally wanted the Riese but it cost another arm more and that’s one arm too many ^^;

    Neosonic, I was lucky enough to not go 3 digit for this xD

    Gunstray, yea… it doesn’t have any handheld weapons…everything is on the arms. Beamknight also got your question answered ^^ It’s a devastating weapon to be reckoned with.

  4. Das ist genau das wollte ich aus einer langen Zeit tun wie Sie haben wirklich einen guten Job mit dem Schrott. Ich muss sagen, dass Gundam könnte hier besser sein und es ist recyclingfähig Eigenschaft machte es einen guten Stück Alteisen zu einer Robbo davon machen .. halten Entsendung Ihre wunderbaren Blog und Fotos.

  5. Which company produce this, Volks Inc.? How much? I would like to order but agent ask me which manufacturer company name?

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